My 600-Lb Life: Bethany Stout’s Remarkable Transformation – A Glimpse into Bethany’s Life

My 600-Lb Life: Bethany Stout's Remarkable Transformation - A Glimpse into Bethany's Life

In Season 8, Episode 3 of the gripping reality show “My 600-Lb Life,” we were introduced to Bethany Stout, a former addiction counselor struggling with her own addiction: food. This once active and caring counselor was found in a devastating situation, unable to walk more than 15 steps without losing her breath. With food as her sole source of happiness, her health was in rapid decline, and her life was spiraling out of control.

Bethany Stout’s dependence on her husband and eldest daughter, Isabella, for even basic tasks such as meals and getting around the house, presented a bleak picture. Yet, like all stories, this one too had the potential for a twist.

My 600-Lb Life: A Major Decision – Breaking Away from Dr. Now

Bethany Stout made headlines when she became the second “My 600-Lb Life” participant to voluntarily leave Dr. Now’s rigorous treatment program since Jeanne Covey from Season 7. This decision brought her a fair amount of backlash, yet Bethany faced it head-on.

She addressed her critics via her Facebook page, Bariatric Mama, stating, “I am truly sorry if my episode made you angry. I had no control over what they [chose] to show. I had a positive experience with Dr. Now and up until this moment enjoyed the process. I lost weight and I feel good about where I am now.”

My 600-Lb Life: Bethany Stout’s Journey Continues

Even though she stepped away from Dr. Now’s program, Bethany Stout didn’t falter on her weight loss journey. In fact, her determination and resilience shone through even more.

Over two years, Bethany shared updates and photos of her impressive weight loss journey, including a post from 2022 that showed her significantly slimmer face with a touching caption: “Haven’t updated in [a while]! Loving life. May God bless you all.”

Earlier, she’d shared another major milestone: “Ready for work in my size 18 jeans down from size 38, wearing my man’s size medium white tee under my XL work shirt.” Shrinking 20 pants sizes – that’s approximately 200 pounds lost – was a clear indicator that Bethany was determined to reclaim her life.

My 600-Lb Life: From Food to Crochet: A New Chapter

Bethany Stout sought out healthy ways to occupy herself, turning to crocheting as a new pastime. What started as a hobby to keep her hands busy quickly turned into an entrepreneurial endeavor, with Bethany selling her crochet items to raise funds for her skin removal surgery.

While she did close down her website,, in 2020, her activity on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have shown a woman who is happier and healthier than ever.

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