My 600-lb Life: Does Kenae Dolphus Get Weight-Loss Surgery?

My 600-lb Life: Does Kenae Dolphus Get Weight-Loss Surgery?

The final season of “My 600-lb Life” introduced viewers to Kenae Dolphus, who weighed nearly 615 pounds at the beginning of her journey. Recruiting participants who weigh more than 600 pounds — which qualifies them as morbidly obese — TLC’s reality show tracks their attempts to lose weight to change their lives, some more successfully than others.

A ruthless program of diet and exercise is prescribed by the sadly frank Dr. Now, usually with the goal of reducing the candidates’ weight to a safe level for the bariatric surgery many need to facilitate future weight loss. Dolphus is one of more than 100 Americans who have sought the program’s help to combat obesity since the program began in 2012, and it was clear she was having a difficult time. 

Like many of the participants in “My 600-lb Life,” as well as many of those struggling with extreme obesity, Dolphus’s weight gain had a psychological implication.

With a goal of losing 30 pounds, at the time of the initial weigh-in she lost only 22, emotionally confessing that it was the first time she had lost any in years. However, we saw more positive progress from her before the cameras stopped rolling, and many wondered how she fared after her time on the show ended. We took a look around to see what Kenae Dolphus is doing these days.

My 600-lb Life: Does Kenae Dolphus Get Weight-Loss Surgery?

When she first appeared on the show, Kenae Dolphus weighed 615 pounds. She had gained so much weight that she could no longer do things on her own. Her granddaughters took care of her when she needed their help. She did not like the fact that she had to depend on others to live. Her weight gain was actually due to the death of her mother and the infertility problems that plagued her greatly.

With all the problems she had on the show, she managed to lose 133 pounds with the help of Dr. Now. When she lost weight, she was very excited to undergo weight loss surgery. Due to medical problems, she was unable to undergo the surgery and this increased her stress.

When she appeared on the show, Kenae Dolphus immediately opened up to her friends and family on Facebook about the overall experience of participating in the show. She related that she felt too exposed while participating in the show and received a lot of hate from people online. She said that participating in a reality show was not at all what she thought it would be.

Kenae received some motivational words from some fans and this part was positive for her. Looking at her posts now, it does not look like she has undergone weight loss surgery yet, but she is still working to follow her diet and maintain her weight.

Written by Hannah Gaynor

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