My 600-lb Life: Where Are Jennifer and Marissa Jess Now?

My 600-lb Life: Where Are Jennifer and Marissa Jess Now?

The captivating journeys of Jennifer and Marissa Jess on Season 6 of TLC’s My 600-lb Life left fans at the edge of their seats. The mother-daughter duo initially weighed 636 lbs and 573 lbs respectively and struggled with food addiction. However, their transformation stories are as awe-inspiring as they come. Wondering where they are now? Buckle up because we’re diving deep into their post-show lives.

My 600-lb Life: Jennifer’s Story

Jennifer Jess had a tumultuous past, marred by abusive relationships and family troubles. After a devastating childhood marked by an absent drug-addicted father and an abusive stepfather, Jennifer found solace in food. This led her to a point where she weighed a staggering 636 lbs. But her life took a dramatic turn when she met Dr. Nowzaradan, commonly referred to as Dr. Now.

With the aid of bariatric surgery and a disciplined lifestyle change, Jennifer managed to lose an astonishing 210 pounds, leaving the show at 426 lbs. But she didn’t stop there. As of her latest update, Jennifer weighs an incredible 382 lbs, showing that her journey to wellness is far from over. But life wasn’t just about weight loss; Jennifer had her share of emotional struggles too. After breaking off a toxic relationship with Dawayne, a man addicted to gambling and alcohol, she took a brave step to reconcile and eventually married him in 2020.

My 600-lb Life: Marissa’s Journey Beyond the Show

Like her mother, Marissa Jess too had her battles. Weighing 573 lbs at the beginning of the show, she sought the expertise of Dr. Now and underwent a gastric sleeve surgery, similar to her mother’s. This procedure helped her shed a whopping 232 pounds, and her progress didn’t stop after the cameras stopped rolling. Marissa has continued her health journey and currently weighs a healthy 242 lbs.

Beyond the weight loss, Marissa has had other life changes too. She married Gina Qtararo Joch and is now living in Tampa, Florida. According to her Facebook page, she works as a clinical nurse specialist at BayCare. Her regular updates on social media reveal that she has managed to maintain her weight loss, proving that her transformation is here to stay.

Though Jennifer and Marissa have moved to different states and have had their own individual challenges, their love and support for each other have never waned.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.

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