My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Chase Severino Doesn’t Want Her to Hate Him

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Chase Severino Doesn’t Want Her to Hate Him

My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s Chase wants Whitney Thore to forgive him in the new season of the TLC show. After Chase Severino cheated on Whitney and had a baby with someone else, the viewers at My Big Fat Fabulous Life say she shouldn’t forgive him. Fans of Whitney and fans of My Big Fat Fabulous Life were rooting for the relationship with Chase Severino to work out. There were some things that might have been problems, such as not wanting children. But the viewers thought it would be okay with My Big Fat Fabulous Life.

At the end of the last season, everything went great. Chase and Whitney were engaged and getting ready to plan the wedding. In the new season of MBFFL they are still planning the wedding, but it goes wrong fast.

Whitney said this season is the toughest ever. In fact, between this drama and heartache with Chase and the lockdown, Whitney said her sanity suffered a lot. And she’s still upset that she didn’t finish her happy ending with Chase Severino, as shown on My Big Fat Fabulous Life.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Chase Severino Doesn’t Want Her to Hate Him

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Chase told Whitney Thore that he didn’t want her to hate him. After Chase Severino cheated and had a baby with someone else, it seems like he wants forgiveness. And in light of a message from Whitney, it seems she may want to give it after he begs her to let him say he’s sorry.

Whitney told the viewers to leave Chase alone. Some fans said nasty things to Chase Severino about his new baby and relationship. And to be honest, there’s a theory that he’s a paid actor who doesn’t deserve hatred if he was just a co-star, not…

Many believe that producers script some of the My Big Fat Fabulous Life storylines. And that could involve hiring talent. Some believe the show was getting a little boring, so they had to bring a new guy to brighten it up. And that’s where Chase Severino got into Whitney’s life. But there’s no solid evidence that he was part of scripted plot lines.

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  1. I totally believe that the show is scripted. Whitney is a pretty girl but unless Chase has a fetish for “thick” girls…let’s see the baby’s momma size…I don’t think she would be his type. Show the baby’s momma—if there is one—pre-pregnancy.

  2. Whitney has had another huge disappointment and instead of speculating that the Chase story line was scripted , all her fans should be supportive and pray for her happiness. She deserves to find a good man who would be focused on Whitney and truly love her. I think Chase is a slime ball! Men like him are a dime a dozen. Good vibes Whitney!!!

  3. Whitney is an amazing, confident ,intelligent, caring, kind, loving and beautiful woman. She deserves a real man who will swim shark infested waters to get her a lemonade!! As Dr. LAURA would say!. Chase had me fooled. In the end , he doesn’t deserve her. He is shallow and weak. Just like the majority of the male population!!!

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