Sister Wives: Christine Seems Confused By Kody’s Admission

Sister Wives: Christine Seems Confused By Kody’s Admission

In a recent episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown finally spoke honestly about her marriage to Christine Brown. During a conversation with Christine, Kody admitted that when they first met, he didn’t like Christine at all, but felt pressured to marry her.

Fans of the series have long wondered why the couple got married. Now they have a few theories as to what Kody had in mind. Christine Brown, however, remains confused by his statement.

Kody Brown did not explain exactly what he meant by feeling pressured into his third marriage. He did not offer any follow-up or explain why he felt that way. But Sister Wives fans have spent enough time following the Brown family’s activities to offer some speculation. There are a couple of common theories. One Reddit user speculates that Kody may not have meant that he was being pressured to marry Christine specifically, but that he felt pressured to take a third wife.

The user notes that in the early seasons of Sister Wives, the Browns repeatedly claimed that the third wife was supposed to be a “peacemaker”. Since Janelle Brown and Meri Brown, Kody’s second and first wives, hated each other, he may have felt pressured to find a third wife to bring peace to the family. Christine Brown, with her feisty personality, might have seemed a good fit.

Other fans believe that Kody may have felt pressured to marry Christine because of his family position in the church. Kody was a relative newcomer to the faith when he married Meri Brown. Janelle joined the family faith so that she could marry Kody Brown. Christine, however, was a Rulon C. Allred, the founder of the faith to which the Brown family once belonged. Since Christine’s family was well known in the church, Kody may have felt the need to marry her to improve his social standing.

Sister Wives: Christine Seems Confused By Kody’s Admission

While fans of the series have some theories about Kody Brown’s motivation for marrying Christine Brown, the mother of six seemed baffled by Kody’s feelings. In a separate interview, Christine made it clear that their religion does not have arranged marriages; therefore, she was not “forced” to bribe. Christine described the revelation about her early marriage as “sad”. Fans may agree that it is sad, but was Christine really shocked by this revelation? There have been indications that Christine knew from the start that things were not right.

Christine Brown was clearly aware that their cohabitation was unconventional and that their wedding was anything but festive. She once described their wedding day as a ‘morose’. In an earlier episode, she claimed that they got married quickly because she didn’t like the idea of running around with a married man.

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