Sister Wives: Is Kody Telling The Truth About Christine?

Sister Wives: Is Kody Telling The Truth About Christine?

Kody Brown and Meri Brown’s marriage took a big hit in 2015. First, Kody decided to divorce his first wife to marry his fourth. Not long after the divorce, Meri was caught up in a catfighting scandal. The couple never recovered from it. Since then, fans of Sister Wives have seen Kody and Meri Brown become completely estranged from their problems.

In season 17, Kody Brown admitted that it wouldn’t bother him if Meri decided to marry someone else because he doesn’t consider himself married to her. In a shocking clip from the upcoming “Sister Wives” revealing episode, Kody now claims that Christine Brown, his ex-wife, is to blame for his and Meri’s complete estrangement.

Kody and Meri Brown have never recovered from their legal divorce and catfight incident. The couple tried to patch things up. They saw a therapist and talked about their feelings. As time passed, Kody seemed to lose all interest in reconciling with his first wife.

Eventually, the duo admitted that they were almost completely estranged. In an upcoming clip for the “Sister Wives” episode, Kody appears to blame Christine Brown for his estrangement from Meri.

While Kody Brown seems confident in his recollection of events, Christine Brown questions his memory. In a preview of an upcoming revealing episode of Sister Wives, Christine insists that Kody is “lying”. Although the clip is intermittent, the montage suggests that Christine was questioned about Kody accusing her of her estrangement. Christine said: “That’s a lie; that’s not me.” For her part, Meri claims she was not aware of any discussion between Kody and Christine Brown regarding a possible reconciliation. No clips of Janelle Brown or Robyn Brown responding to Kody’s statements were shared in the preview. Fans will have to wait for the upcoming episode to see if they have any thoughts on this revelation.

Sister Wives: Is Kody Telling The Truth About Christine?

Christine Brown and Kody Brown have had their differences. The couple broke up because of their differences and most Sister Wives fans have taken Christine’s side. Ever since season 16, Kody has been pretty awful to Christine. He has been demanding, aggressive and spiteful. He treated Meri the same way before he finally dumped her, but is he lying about Christine being out to get Meri?

Although it is impossible to know for sure, as Christine denies the allegation and Meri claims to know nothing about it, there may be some truth to it. Christine has made her feelings towards Meri clear. She does not want a relationship with him and has cited long-standing problems with Kody Brown’s first wife as the reason.

Is it terribly far-fetched to think that he had a problem with Kody considering work on his marriage to Meri, which would inevitably take time and attention away from other wives? No, not really. Can you blame him for feeling that way? You can’t. Jealousy, anger and difficult feelings are common in polygamy. If he had an opinion about Kody and Meri reconciling, his feelings would be completely justified. While there may be some truth to Kody’s claim, it seems plausible that Kody is blowing the conversation with Christine out of proportion to shift the narrative.

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