Sister Wives: Kody Appears To Have Liked That Christine Brown Was ‘Compliant’.

Sister Wives: Kody Appears To Have Liked That Christine Brown Was ‘Compliant’.

In 2010, Christine Brown was introduced as the ever bubbly and relaxed third wife of Kody Brown. Sweet and maternal, Christine won over Sister Wives fans quite quickly. In season 15, things started to change.

Fans supported Christine Brown, who was more independent and much more opinionated as she found her voice and finally began to express herself. It seems that this change opened up the relationship between Kody and Christine. Now that Christine has decided to leave her pluralistic marriage, Kody is finally analysing what went wrong.

In the most recent episode of “Sister Wives”, Kody recalls that Christine used to be “compliant”. This characterisation seems particularly problematic given the family dynamics.

Christine and Kody Brown’s marriage was obviously never a love affair. Kody has made some rather horrific statements about his early relationship with Christine, and once described her wedding day as a “morose”. Yet the couple married and lived together.

Kody once said that he loved Christine’s bubbly personality, noting that he appreciated the personal contrast that Christine brought to the family. Christine Brown was a calming influence in her role, soothing the often strained relationship between Kody Brown’s first wife, Meri Brown, and Kody’s second wife, Janelle Brown. Christine seemed, for lack of a better word, gentle. Is that why Kody decided to propose to her? Based on some of his current statements, it’s possible.

Sister Wives: Kody Appears To Have Liked That Christine Brown Was ‘Compliant’.

For years, fans have noticed that Kody Brown seemed to pay the most attention to the wives who were most outspoken about their needs. When Robyn Brown joined the family, the plural patriarch’s attention shifted entirely to Robyn and the family they created together.

At first, Christine seemed quite at ease with the change. Eventually, things reached a breaking point. As Christine began to express her discontent, her relationship with Kody seemed to deteriorate.

Kody noticed the change in the season 17 episode “And Then There Were Three”. In a conversational-style interview, Kody noted that Christine used to be “compliant” but became more independent when the Brown family rejected the idea of returning to Utah. His words seem to indicate that he was fine with Christine being unhappy, as long as she did not express her opinions and “complied” with it. The idea is particularly unpalatable.

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