Sister Wives Star Robyn Brown Questions Her Marriage To Kody Brown

Sister Wives Star Robyn Brown Questions Her Marriage To Kody Brown

Sister Wives fans were very surprised to hear Robyn Brown admit that she is struggling with her marriage to Kody Brown. The patriarch has become angry and bitter after his third wife Christine Brown decided to leave him and move to Utah. Robyn is now left to pick up the pieces while his polygamous family falls apart around him.

In the latest episode, Sister Wives ‘Princess’ Robyn Brown finally showed a more human side when she admitted that the end of Christine and Kody’s relationship has taken a huge toll on her own marriage.

TLC viewers listened as Robyn Brown opened up about her 12-year marriage and shared some very intimate details. Robyn revealed that there is a “heavy weight” between her and Kody that is causing them to fight. Robyn vulnerably stated that she feels as though she is a mess with the family.

Sister Wives Star Robyn Brown Questions Her Marriage To Kody Brown

The 44-year-old mother-of-five shared with fans that it was wild to see such a huge “bomb” dropped on the family when Christine decided to leave Kody. According to Robyn Brown, Kody is now questioning her motives left and right, which has caused her immense stress. It’s clear to Robyn that Kody can’t trust anyone around him and is turning inward to protect himself. Robyn was adamant that although it was sad that Kody had lost one wife, he had three others to “maintain”.

As for Kody Brown, he has resisted separation from Christine at every turn. Most recently, Kody lied to Christine about the custody laws for their daughter Truely. In reality, the Brown patriarch may not have any real rights because he is not even on the birth certificate.

Sister Wives fans were not impressed that she thought it was okay to lie to Christine and try to intimidate her. Kody has made it clear that he feels he will be shortchanged in the divorce. He has already tried to claim the proceeds of Christine’s house, but Christine rejected his request.

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