‘Sister Wives’: What’s going on with the Browns finances?

'Sister Wives': What's going on with the Browns finances?

Throughout the entire Season 13 of Sister Wives, Kody Brown’s one desire was for the Browns to move from Las Vegas to Flagstaff, Arizona, where he was planning to build a huge house for the whole family.

Even though not everyone was on board with the idea, Kody up and moved the entire family to Arizona anyway. But from the look of the Season 14 trailer, it looks like the extended Brown family will deal with the consequences of not having sold their homes in Las Vegas before finalizing their move.

So, are the Browns still having money troubles or did they end up selling their houses? And if they did, what are the Sisters Wives’ houses worth? After all, this could make or break the Browns’ future in Flagstaff.

‘Sister Wives’ – What’s going on with the Browns finances?

While the move from Vegas to Flagstaff seemed like a good idea at first, it’s created a lot of tension in the Brown household. Janelle Brown explains in the trailer for Season 14 that she “returns to Las Vegas every weekend to keep the houses that [have] on the market open”. Unfortunately, she adds, “there was no interest in the houses”.

Sister wife Christine Brown also tells the camera, “Financially, we’re drowning,” with a huge emphasis on the drowning part. And when Kody has a meeting with all the wives to discuss their finances, he tells them they’re paying five mortgages, which is unsustainable in the long run.

Later, Janelle Brown, who’s been running the realty game back in Vegas, informs Kody Brown that “it might not be until next spring before [the houses] are sold.” Kody responds very clearly and decisively: “Ladies, I will tell you if this happens, and this cannot happen, this will break us.

Sister Wives – Did the Brown manage to sell their Las Vegas homes?

Robyn Brown: Robyn’s house was the first and fastest to sell, after being on the market for only a month. It was originally listed at $619,000 and closed at $603,000. Since the Browns bought the house for only $445,039 in 2012, they saw a fair return on their investment.

Meri Brown: Meri sold her house for $574,900 after buying it in 2013 for $447,017. Her house, though, wasn’t taken as quickly as Robyn’s. In early 2019 she listed the property for $599,000, but took it off the market for a few months before reselling it at the asking price of $574,900.

Janelle Brown: Janelle had also initially listed her home for $649,000, then cut the ask down to $599,000 before making a final price cut to $574,000. This helped the property sell in April for a total of $575,000, which is approximately $100,000 more than Janelle originally purchased it for.

Christine Brown: Christine’s house went through several price cuts before the Browns managed to secure an offer. It was initially listed at $675,000, then at $649,000 and then at $639,000. In January 2019, Christine reduced the price to $614,900, and in the spring she lowered it again to $599,000. It was finally listed at $574,900 and sold at $535,000 in September 2019. Christine bought the house in 2012 for $443,315, so she continued to earn even after the discounts.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Ashley Bennett is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.