Sister Wives: What’s Next For Kody Brown and Robyn Brown

Sister Wives: What’s Next For Kody Brown and Robyn Brown

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown is admittedly Kody Brown’s favourite wife. Ex-wife Christine has finally come clean with it in season 17. Even his second wife Janelle has remarked that her relationship with Robyn is nothing like his.

Yet, as much as the fourth wife claims to be tired of being around Kody 24/7, she always seems to know where he is. The wives all noted that they have no idea what Kody is actually doing or where he is most of the time. However, there is one person who always seems to be keeping track of his whereabouts and that is Robyn Brown.

It seems no one knows where Kody Brown is going as well as Robyn. True, his wives have said he is very energetic and always on the go. It’s Robyn who claims she can somehow keep track of her man.

This has become much easier since the pandemic broke out and he spends much more time with her than anyone else. She claimed that she and Kody are both busy during the day, while Christine said the man is aloof in her home. Furthermore, Robyn stated that she thinks she is treated special. Perhaps that is the case.

Viewers took to Reddit to discuss the fact that Robyn appears to be stalking her husband. They wondered if this might be part of the reason she’s the head wife. In addition, they pointed out that she might have some kind of fear in her, but why? “She’s getting nervous because now the mental, verbal and emotional abuse he has been dishing out to everyone else is going to hit her and her kids,” one person noted. Robyn said though that it is difficult to live with him because he gets angry and directs it towards her.

Sister Wives: What’s Next For Kody Brown and Robyn Brown

Robyn Brown will have much more time with Kody as Christine soon announces that she is leaving. In the next episode of Sister Wives, the former third wife sits everyone down and makes her big announcement. She has decided to leave Flagstaff for Utah.

Some fans believe Robyn already knew this was coming. However, it certainly changes the dynamic because she hoped that she and Christine could work through their issues. Now she officially has one less house to escape to when things get too hot in the kitchen.

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