The View: Where did Tara Setmayer and Meghan McCain’s feud start?

The View: Where did Tara Setmayer and Meghan McCain’s feud start?

Meghan McCain is a fiery co-host on The View with her hardcore political views. The conservative panel member is very critical of Republicans who do not fully support and blindly follow their party. She has called on Ana Navarro to sound more like a Democrat than a Republican and now has a feud with Tara Setmayer.

The View: Where did Tara Setmayer and Meghan McCain’s feud start?

Setmayer is a Never Trumper and at a conference she called Meghan McCain and her husband, Ben Domenech.

“You’ve got millions of these cult supporters because it’s a cult,” said Setmayer referring to Trump’s base. “This has become a personality cult. I’ve been saying this for three years. I got into an argument with Meghan McCain in The View about this and stuck to it. She told me to stop saying that, it’s redundant. I said, “No, I’m sorry. It’s the truth. She didn’t like that, and neither did her husband.”

The political analyst referred to a debate she had with Meghan McCain about The View that got extremely tense. Setmayer was a host that day and at one point even considered filling in an empty spot on the morning show. During the anti-Trump conference, Setmayer looked into a camera and greeted Domenech.

“Can I just finish my point since I was interrupted,” Setmayer added. “The reason I said goodbye to Ben Domenech is because we were personally attacked for holding this conference, because we’re out of principle and we’re telling the truth about what’s going on. I used that as an example, because that’s what we’re dealing with.”

Did McCain block Setmayer from ‘The View’?

After their Twitter sputtering, a new report claimed that Meghan McCain blocked Setmayer from appearing as a guest co-host on The View.

“We haven’t had Tara on the show in [seven] months and of course you can guess why, Meghan hates her. For whatever reason [ABC] does what Meghan wants,” an insider told the Daily Mail.

The insider insinuates that Meghan McCain allows her husband to take shots at people she doesn’t like.

“,,I’ll put it to you this way, if Joy Behar started Twitter battles online with ABC News employee Chris Christie, all hell would break loose behind the scenes and she’d be in big trouble,” the insider confessed. “Meghan and her husband go to Tara, an ABC News employee, and ABC News President James Goldston sends his assistant out to buy a new cactus for Meghan. It’s a real s**t show.”

Written by Ashley Bennett

Ashley Bennett is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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