What Happened to Ashley Bernard After My 600-lb Life?

What Happened to Ashley Bernard After My 600-lb Life?

In 2020, Louisiana native, Ashley Bernard, debuted on the renowned TLC show ‘My 600-Lb Life.’ At 31 years old, the single mother of two tipped the scales at a staggering 637 pounds. Her morbid obesity led to countless health issues, pushing her into a life of dependency on her family and her elder daughter.

My 600-Lb Life: Turning Point: Consultation with Dr. Nowzaradan

Reaching a breaking point, Ashley Bernard decided to consult Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, a renowned weight loss surgeon featured on the show. Despite her past trauma as an assault survivor, Ashley acknowledged that her stressful lifestyle was hindering her fitness journey. Dr. Now’s candid advice to take responsibility and not use her past as an excuse sparked a fire within Ashley. She started hitting the gym and walking on the treadmill, setting the ball of transformation rolling.

In less than a year, Ashley shed a whopping 133 pounds. Her newfound determination and commitment towards her fitness journey impressed Dr. Now, who gave her the green light for weight loss surgery. However, Ashley’s journey didn’t stop there. She continually strived for more progress, which is evident from her latest photos on social media.

My 600-Lb Life: Ashley Bernard’s Present Days

Today, Ashley enjoys an active lifestyle and seems to have taken her diet and workout plan to heart. The single mother has not disclosed her latest weight, but it’s clear from her photos that she is well below 400 pounds and thriving.

Her posts on social media paint a picture of a confident woman embracing her beauty. While she seldom shares full-body images, her stunning selfies are a testament to her transformed self-image. Ashley’s online bio reads, “Beauty is not defined by the shell of a person, it’s the beauty within,” reflecting her inner growth along with her physical transformation.

My 600-Lb Life: Ashley Bernard’s Mental Health Journey

Ashley’s transformation journey has also included a focus on mental health. After the show concluded, she sought counselling and worked on building her confidence. She frequently shares motivational quotes and photos of her new adventures, including learning to shoot at a range and enjoying family gatherings.

Since her time on My 600-Lb Life, Ashley’s life has truly changed. She has become a mother of four and serves as an inspiration to her over 36k Instagram followers. Ashley’s weight loss journey stands as a beacon of hope, a testament to determination, and proof that no obstacle is too daunting to overcome.

Written by Meghan Mentell

TV writer
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