My 600-lb Life: Ashley B’s Story

Louisiana native Ashley B. is the subject of tonight’s episode of Season 8 of My 600 Lb Life., which airs Wednesday, March 4, 2020 at 8 p.m. EST/7 p.m. CST on TLC. The reality star has been forced to return to live with her mother to get the help she needs to take care of her little girl, considering Ashley weighs 639 pounds and struggles to move. Ashley B is now on her way to Texas to seek the help of the famous bariatric surgeon Dr. Now to help her lose some weight and regain control of her life.

The TLC description of the Season 8 Episode 10, entitled “Ashley B.’s Story”, reads: “At 600 pounds, Ashley had to move home so that her mother could help her take care not only of herself but also of her newborn daughter. Now Ashley has to get through a lifetime of unfortunate circumstances and ask for Dr. Now’s help in Houston to find a way to go on living”.

Ashley resists the urge to stop her diet by calling her long-time friend Tomorrow who brings her a healthy meal to eat when Ashley is close to a relapse. Tomorrow she brings Ashley B. shrimp, crab meat and avocado, and the two sit together to snack on some vegetables while Ashley’s mother cooks in the background.

“I’m really doing my best and I feel like I’m doing well with my progress, especially with my diet, but with my mom in the kitchen I can’t even get close to what she’s cooking or I’ll lose my will and give up. So I keep my distance and wait for my healthy options to come along and eat them.

And he adds: “So my hope is to achieve all my goals for Dr. Now, because it is very important for me to do this surgery because I feel like this is bigger than food, this is my life, this is my children’s future, and it will only happen if I do this the way I should”.

TLC shared another clip of Ashley B. above, as her sister tries to help her out of bed. The description of the promo notes that Ashley B. completely relies on her family to help her get around the house, and it is clear from the clip that Ashley B. is really struggling to stand.

“I’m very desperate for a change,” she says in tears during a confessional. “My kids need it, my family needs it, so I’m not living this life where I’m trapped. I definitely feel trapped. I feel like a prisoner in my own body.” The cameras cut over to another clip of Ashley B. being helped into bed by another young relative, helping her take her shoes off her aching feet.

In the end, Ashley B. has had a hard journey, especially because of the divorce of her children while she remains in Texas under the care of Dr. Now. She also treated problems related to IBS, and slipped a few times during her trip and went off her diet. However, the reality star worked incredibly hard, and months into her weight loss trip, Ashley was up to 468 pounds. Unfortunately, due to her last weighing-in with Dr. Now, she regained 34 pounds due to the stress of her IBS problems, bringing her back to 504 pounds.

Eventually she lost a total of 135 pounds, and Dr. Now gives her the task of losing another 80 pounds in 2 months or he will not be able to approve her for gastric tube surgery. It is not clear today if Ashley B. will successfully lose 80 pounds and get her surgery because the episode ends before we get her final results with Dr. Now. However, it is clear that Ashley is determined to lose the weight she needs to get back on track because she can be seen with a positive attitude, practicing daily with her sister and refusing to give up. We expect Ashley B. to be back in the near future with a follow-up episode, so stay tuned!

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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