What Happened To Krystal Hall From My 600-lb Life?

What Happened To Krystal Hall From My 600-lb Life?

My 600-lb life star Krystal Hall appeared on the latest season of the popular TLC show. Krystal struggled with a number of health issues due to her weight problems and knew she needed the help of an expert from Dr. Now to lose a few pounds. Krystal showed Dr. Now that she could lose weight so she could have the surgery, but did she go through with it?

Krystal knew she needed Dr. Now’s help. She suffered from many health problems: diabetes, high blood pressure, and stomach issues. She also suffered from PCOS, which made it difficult to have children.

However, Krystal was a wonderful mother to her nephew Josh, whom she eventually managed to adopt. When she arrived in Houston from Ohio, she weighed a healthy 618 pounds. After following Dr. Now’s strict diet, she managed to drop her weight to 527 pounds, losing a total of 91 pounds.

What Happened To Krystal Hall From My 600-lb Life?

After losing almost 100 pounds, Dr Now gave Krystal the go-ahead for a gastric bypass operation. Unfortunately, due to a coronavirus pandemic, a shutdown was imposed immediately after she was cleared for weight loss surgery.

During the quarantine, Krystal reverted to old habits and as a result, she eventually gained 53 kilos back. Dr. Now told Krystal that if she ever hoped to have the surgery, she would have to take off the pounds she had gained and move to Houston so he could monitor her. Krystal did exactly what Dr. told her, and the episode ended with her and her supportive family moving to Texas.

It appears that Krystal was successful in getting the surgery. She is active on Facebook and her bio says she lives in Chillicothe, Ohio and works for a Chillicothe taxi company. However, Krystal made her account private. She even made her Facebook photos hidden. Unfortunately, it seems that until she is ready to show the world her weight loss, we will all just have to wait patiently!

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