What Happened To Mike Meginness From My 600-lb Life?

What Happened To Mike Meginness From My 600-lb Life?

The 37-year-old Mike Meginness from Ohio was no stranger to the big time. But after years of letting his weight control him – instead of the other way around – he finally admitted he had reached a point where he risked losing everything, which prompted him to make the necessary changes.

Since crossing the 100-pound mark at the age of six, she had struggled with weight her whole life, something her four siblings never seemed to have a problem with. From there, the weight only increased and Mike realised he could use it to his advantage.

The combination of his heavy body and 6’5″ height led Mike Meginness to take up football, which not only helped him stay active, but also gave him a dream. His unhealthy relationship with food, however, was not abandoned due to the constant and brutal bullying he suffered because of his large stature.

The fact that he coped by eating only created a vicious cycle that did not change even when he received successive concussions. The NCAA then declared him medically ineligible to play, and Mike Meginness had to drop out of college because he lost his football scholarship and goal.

She found love and soon married, welcomed four beautiful children, but even that fell apart when she couldn’t cope with her eating disorder and depression. Unable to cope on his own, his wife had warned him before he actually asked for a divorce, and so Mike Meginness found himself in his parents’ basement without his children. It took him a while, but eventually he realised that he had to change his behaviour and drop the 745 kilos if he wanted to move on and be part of his children’s lives for as long as possible.

What Happened To Mike Meginness From My 600-lb Life?

Despite many obstacles and personal challenges, Mike Meginness never lost his motivation and worked extremely hard to lose nearly £250. He couldn’t move to Houston, Texas, as Dr. Now recommended for weight loss surgery because it would mean losing custody of his children due to an agreement he had with his ex.

So they came up with a plan that would benefit everyone. In the end, Mike Meginness only had to stay in the city for two months after the successful operation and then he moved back to continue the programme on his own. Today, while Mike is back in Marion, Ohio, it seems he has kept his word about continuing his weight loss journey.

Written by Lauren Rottman

Reality TV Writer
Lauren Rottman joined the theworldnewsdaily team in 2020.


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