What Happened To Mike Meginness From My 600-lb Life?

What Happened To Mike Meginness From My 600-lb Life?

The 37-year-old Mike Meginness from Ohio was familiar with success. Letting his weight control him for years, he finally realized he needed to make a change.

Since hitting 100 pounds at age six, he struggled with weight while his siblings didn’t. His heavy body and tall height led him to football, where he found purpose.

Despite the bullying, his relationship with food remained unhealthy. Concussions led to ineligibility, loss of scholarship, and college dropout.

Marriage and children couldn’t save him from his eating disorder. After divorce, he faced reality and decided to change for his kids.

What Happened To Mike Meginness From My 600-lb Life?

Despite facing obstacles, Mike Meginness stayed motivated, working hard to lose nearly £250. He couldn’t relocate to Houston, Texas, as advised by Dr. Now for weight loss surgery, fearing he’d lose custody of his kids per an agreement with his ex.

Together, they devised a plan benefiting all. After the surgery, Mike stayed in the city for only two months before returning to Marion, Ohio, to carry on the program independently. Now, in Marion, Ohio, Mike seems to be keeping his promise to continue his weight loss journey.

Written by Lauren Rottman

Reality TV Writer
Lauren Rottman joined the theworldnewsdaily team in 2020.


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