Where Is Liz Evans From ‘My 600-lb Life’ Now?

Where Is Liz Evans From ‘My 600-lb Life’ Now?

Fans are hooked on the TLC show My 600-lb Life, which follows the journey of obese people as they work with doctors to change their lives.

One cast member viewers will never forget is season 6’s Liz Evans, who brought heartbreaking emotional baggage with her struggle to lose weight and remove lymphedema from her legs (via The Sun). Faced with trauma, a bedridden Liz Evans worked to shed the pounds and regain her mobility, inspiring millions.

But Liz Evans’s story was published back in 2018, so it’s no wonder viewers are wondering what happened to the TLC star and whether she’s still on track with her weight-loss journey. Liz first appeared on the show weighing 721 pounds, unable to walk for 10 years and suffering from other medical issues.

Living in Texas with her ailing mother, Liz Evans spoke of the devastating trauma of suffering sexual abuse at the age of 6 at the hands of a relative and dealing with her father’s drug addiction (via The Cinemaholic). In addition, Liz was born with a birth defect that made one leg crooked, which isolated her as a child. On the show, Liz described.

In My 600-lb Life, Liz Evans took charge of her future by consulting Dr. Now to take the pounds off. But lymphedema left her unable to stand up, a prerequisite for gastric bypass and lymphedema growth surgery. After a strict diet and physiotherapy, Liz finally had the operation.

Where Is Liz Evans From ‘My 600-lb Life’ Now?

After working hard on her diet and exercise, Liz was able to undergo gastric bypass surgery and have a lymphoedema mass removed from her leg. By the end of the My 600-lb Life story, she had lost a total of 353 pounds, with a final weight of 368 pounds. Proud of her achievements as always, Liz Evans was on track to achieve her weight loss goals. However, as The Cinemaholic reported, Liz Evans put on another 50 kilos on her return to her home in Houston and started eating again.

The TLC actress again turned to her medical team who helped her finally get mobile. After the setback, Liz came back stronger, starting to walk with a cane again. 

Although Liz Evans is not active on social media, she appeared on ‘My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now’ and spoke about how “old fears are about to threaten her progress’. In doing so, she mentioned that she regularly attends therapy sessions, follows the Dr. Now programme and is working on herself, so we just hope she’s on the right track and finds happiness!

Written by Lauren Rottman

Reality TV Writer
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