Alaskan Bush People: Bear Storage Unit

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Storage Unit

Bear Brown may be used to living in the isolation of Alaska’s cold wilderness, but at one point he was living comfortably in a warehouse. The Alaskan Bush People star once lived with his family near Hoonah, Alaska, to film a Discovery Channel program. Eventually, due to family health problems, they moved to Washington State.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Storage Unit

According to The Sun, it’s all captured on her private Instagram account. He made his Instagram account private after a series of family dramas with both his ex-wife Raiven Adams and brother Matt Brown. The 31-year-old was in a red warehouse room, which even has a taped window for extra privacy. He lived in the unit for a few months from April 2020. The unit also has a full-length mirror, a guitar, several storage lockers, red curtains and a red door. In one video, Bear Brown can even be seen working out right in front of the storage room.

Although he no longer lives in the wild like an Alaskan Bush People, he still seemed to be surrounded by it. In the photos Bear Brown shared, you can see snow-capped mountains, tall pines and breathtaking views everywhere.

It’s not 100% clear why he chose to live in a shipping container, but the Alaskan Bush People star was going through drama at the time involving his son and his ex-girlfriend. The two were on-again, off-again and on-again before they officially split up recently, but not exactly on the best of terms. Despite this, many people have chosen to live in recycled homes, such as a shipping container block, or even travelling in a van.

The two have a son, River, who was born on 9 March. Raiven Adams has been seeking full custody of River. The bear was also given a paternity test to prove that the baby is really his.

He finally got to meet his son in September 2020. Raiven Adams and Bear tried to give the relationship another chance after meeting River, but it didn’t work out. This seems to be the last time they are likely to try.

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