Chuck Turner My 600-lb Life Update: Where Is Chuck Turner From My 600-Lb Life Now?

Chuck Turner My 600-lb Life Update: Where Is Chuck Turner From My 600-Lb Life Now?

A bunch of folks like to judge those discussing My 600-Lb Life. But those on the show don’t desire their situation. Typically, they turned to food due to past trauma.

However, unlike other addictions, food addiction is not something that people tend to take seriously. In Chuck Turner’s case, however, it had become very serious. His eating habits spiralled out of control after his first wife was murdered. Food quickly became one of the only things he could look forward to.

Before he knew it, his weight was out of control. Anyone who has ever tried to lose just a few pounds knows how difficult it can be. So you can only imagine how hard it is to lose weight for someone who weighs almost 700 kilos. Although Chuck was finally able to find love again, he wasn’t able to enjoy it as much as he would have liked. His weight not only affected his health, but it also affected his relationships. He and his wife had ended their intimate relationship and she had essentially become his carer. He admitted that he felt more like a helper than a husband. In addition, Chuck’s wife did most of the parenting because Chuck could not move around.

He knew it was time for a serious change and decided to turn to Dr. Now for help. With the support of his family and the guidance of Dr. Now, Chuck was well on his way to making positive changes in his life.

Where Is Chuck Turner From My 600-Lb Life Now?

After the stomach bypass, Chuck quickly started to lose weight. Since joining the show, Chuck has lost over 430 pounds. It is one of the biggest weight losses in the history of My 600-Lb Life. Losing weight has given Chuck the opportunity to enjoy things in life that once seemed impossible. This means that weight loss surgery is definitely a step in the right direction, but it’s not the end of the road.

Like many of the other people in the series, Chuck Turner has had a bit of trouble maintaining healthy eating habits. On top of that, things in his personal life haven’t been the easiest. He and his wife finally decided to go their separate ways. Their separation has been very difficult for him and he is still coming to terms with the end of the relationship. People who want to keep up with Chuck will be happy to know that he is still very active on Facebook.

However, he doesn’t post photos of himself very often. In fact, he’s much more modest than many of the other people who have been on My 600-Lb Life. She doesn’t usually share updates and there is nothing to suggest that she is going to start.

Unfortunately, many of his posts seem to be a little on the sad side. On the positive side, however, things seem to be going well for Chuck at work. His Facebook profile says he is the owner of Turner Wrecker Service.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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