Counting On: Austin’s Genes Are Stronger Than Joy-Anna’s

Counting On: Austin’s Genes Are Stronger Than Joy-Anna’s

Joy-Anna Duggar shared new pictures of Evelyn Mae and Counting On fans can’t tell how much both her babies look like Austin Forsyth.

Gideon is the spitting image of his daddy and at two weeks old, Evelyn Mae also looks like him. The resemblance is creepy.

Counting On: Austin’s Genes Are Stronger Than Joy-Anna’s

Counting On viewers have been gushing about Joy-Anna Duggar’s little girl since it was announced that she had arrived. Austin Forsyth has also proved himself a proud daddy by sharing photos of his daughter and those of Gideon holding his little sister.

A fan commented on the latest photos Joy-Anna Duggar shared about how strong Forsyth’s genes are compared to Duggar’s. Both her babies look like their father, which is different when it comes to the other grandchildren.

The arrival of Evelyn Mae was special for Joy-Anna Duggar. Counting On fans have invested in her life as they watched her grow up at 19 Kids and Counting. Now she is a mother of two and married to Austin.

Last summer, Joy-Anna Duggar lost a girl during a 20 week pregnancy. Since then, viewers have been hoping she would get pregnant again. Evelyn Mae is her rainbow baby and was born just over 13 months after Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth lost Annabell Elise.

Next week, Counting On will present their pregnancy announcement and sex revelation. It was assumed that those moments would not be presented because Joy-Anna Duggar shared everything on YouTube.

It was also assumed that Joy-Anna and Austin had abandoned Counting On. Derick Dillard revealed that they were no longer filming and was opposed to their presence after choosing to leave. Now, it appears that they are still part of the shooting or at least were for the current season.

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  1. I really, REALLY wish the so-called journalists would use their married names. That is the name the young ladies chose after their marriage. If, by slight chance, they choose to hyphenate their last name, you STILL MUST include maiden-married names. Identifying these young women strictly by maiden names are slaps in their faces; another case of MSM falling short/being rude at the same time

  2. My favorite drawl towards this SHOW is to hear words, such as, God, Love, Christianity. Your maiden name “Duggar” , a name public will continue to connect all of whom continue exploiting children in your family.
    You seem like your a functioning family whom have each other’s back. Once I became a Grandma Lulu, where I just wanted to show the world, our children asks not to post pics of their children for security and other reasons. Of course I will respect them.
    Thanks for sharing the fun you all seem to be having doing your show. I pray all remember “show business” and “reality” are completely different as you all continue.
    You certainly know how to appropriately dress children with their ages, unlike some reality show children have been. What are they thinking? I’ve seen other children dress like they’ve been in a club ready to TWERT with street-walker, loosely goosey, look at my sexy self kind of clothes. Very disturbing to some of us. Thank God you all seem to recognize respectfully, what is appropriately acceptable.

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