Counting On: Jana Enjoys Living at Home

Counting On: Jana Enjoys Living at Home

Counting On’s Jana has a smart new look, and the fans fall in love. We saw her out with her brother Jed, and you won’t believe what she’s wearing.

Counting On: Jana Enjoys Living at Home

It has been a long-standing frustration for Jana Duggar, a cast member of Counting On, who continues to deal with people who ask her about her life situation. People don’t understand why she stays at home. And why many of the other siblings get married and enjoy life as adults.

Jana Duggar keeps telling people that living with her parents is a choice. She says she likes to stay at home in the big house and be with her family. Her garden is there, and she has plenty of space to work on her projects and do what she wants.

We know that Jana does a lot of the work that you see on Counting On. From renovating her parents to doing other things, like taking care of younger children. People also say she runs the house more than her mother, Michelle Duggar.

Most Counting On fans thought they could see Jana Duggar in a fresh new look after shopping in California. But she still seems to like to wear the same clothes as always. In fact, she says that her sister Jinger Duggar is the fashion lady of the family. It seems that many other sisters also agree with this statement.

When Counting On star Jana Duggar was shopping in Los Angeles, she seemed to like some of the things she saw. However, the biggest concern she noticed was the sales. You can take a girl out of a thrift store, but you can’t take a girl out of a thrift store.

Even though her sister had bought a fancy new jacket, Jana Duggar wouldn’t give up. She told the salesgirl that she could take something another time.

Written by Meghan Mentell

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Canadian journalist

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