Counting On: Kendra And Joseph Vacationed İn Florida Amid The Pandemic.

Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar have been quiet on social media. The couple recently made a trip to Florida, but haven’t shared any photos yet. The Caldwell family’s Instagram account is filled with several photos of their family and Kendra, Joseph, and their two children during their Florida vacation. This turns out to be one of their top vacation spots based on their history of the visit.

Counting On: Kendra And Joseph Vacationed İn Florida Amid The Pandemic.

Currently, the United States is still fighting the coronavirus. Many states still maintain strict mask rules and companies operate under limited capacity. Florida is not one of those places, which may be why Kendra, Joseph Duggar and the rest of her family recently chose to spend time there.

This is not the first time Joseph and Kendra have made headlines for their choices during the pandemic. Earlier this year the couple spent time with her family at Easter. They attended church services and were scolded for it.

While it is not shocking that they were on vacation in Florida, it is a little disturbing. Kendra is currently pregnant with her third child. She and Joseph Duggar announced that they will be pregnant again in February. Not only is she heavily pregnant, but she also has two little ones to take care of.

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Except for announcing that they are expecting another baby… They are one of the most mysterious Duggar couples. There are no social media influence attempts by Kendra Caldwell Duggar and Joseph Duggar doesn’t seem to be active on the account at all. Both appear on Counting On and attend family gatherings, but for the most part they are not flashy on social media.

They are likely to return to Counting On if, and when, the new season is announced. The imminent arrival of their baby in 2021 coupled with Justin Duggar courting Claire Spivey has sealed everything but the agreement for the show to return.

After months of making questionable choices regarding the pandemic and their lives, Kendra and Joseph Duggar made the biggest mistake with the Florida vacation. They have yet to share photos and that is probably due to the setback they will undoubtedly get.

Written by Emma Fisher

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  2. I would love to see this show come to an end. From the get go it has bothered me how these individuals have been Exploited by their parents and the trend is neverending. Anything anyone would want to know about these families can be found on their social media sites. Children should not be subjected to this violation of privacy simply because they are not old enough to voice their opinions and for the financial gains of their parents.

  3. Im an ICU Nurse. I’ve seen to many deaths. Friends parents, friends kid, coworkers. Florida is a hit spot. Sticking your head in the sand, won’t help. Just because YOU.PERSONALLY are not effected, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Wear a mask. Im begging you.

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