General Hospital: Mac Scorpio Is Shot?

General Hospital: Mac Scorpio Is Shot?

General Hospital spoilers anticipate that Police Chief Mac Scorpio and Detective Dante Falconeri will prepare to bring Peter August back to Pentonville in an upcoming episode of General Hospital, but something will go wrong!

General Hospital viewers will remember that Victor was working with Peter earlier in Crete, but then Peter double-crossed him; he promised he would give Victor the key to control Drew Cain but he didn’t. Instead, he used the key, a pair of Tarot cards, along with commands that activated Drew but also worked on Victor’s henchmen, which he stole from Victor! One of the pairs of cards was buried in the tunnels under Cassadine Island when it collapsed on Jason Morgan, but Peter made it out safely to the castle above.

General Hospital viewers will remember that Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane were waiting to greet him, but it’s possible he took the card and hid it. If he had it with him, it would surely be in his belongings from Pentonville Prison, and Peter has again promised to give Victor the key in exchange for his daughter, Louise August and Maxie Jones!

General Hospital: Mac Scorpio Is Shot?

More General Hospital spoilers for Winter 2022 indicate that a member of the Scorpio family will be going under the knife, and it could be that Robert’s colon cancer returns and it’s surgery – but it could also mean that Mac has been hit! Felicia Scorpio and Anna Devane will be anxiously awaiting the news, but that could mean Mac has been shot – no word on Dante – or it could be about Peter’s escape!

General Hospital viewers can expect both Felicia and Anna to be worried about both situations, though a few days later Maxie will be relieved about something; this could also be about Mac’s survival. Unless Peter is killed, that relief certainly won’t be about him!

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