GH Spoilers: Willow Tait Once Recognized Nina’ Necklace

GH Spoilers: Willow Tait Once Recognized Nina’ Necklace

GH spoilers and updates reveal that baby Willow Tait may have been a gift from Madeline Reeves to Lorraine “Harmony” Miller when Nina Reeves gave birth over two decades ago. This should be revealed in upcoming episodes of General Hospital!

Viewers of GH will recall that Phyllis Caulfield was not present at Nina’s delivery, which was supposed to be via C-section since she was unconscious and in a coma. Phyllis was, however, in charge of delivering baby Nelle Benson to her adoptive parents, Frank Benson, and his second wife, who was never named in Florida.

General Hospital viewers will remember from recent episodes that while Harmony was sitting with Nina at Charlie’s Pub, discussing Harmony helping Nina fight for a visit from Wiley Corinthos Harmony was startled when Phyllis arrived and recognized her as her old work friend Lorraine Miller!

It turns out there was a very good reason Harmony was upset – she’s been keeping a years-old secret about the circumstances of Willow’s birth and Nina’s friendship with Phyllis terrifies her! It seems that Willow was separated at birth from her fraternal twin, Nelle – and Harmony knows the truth and doesn’t want it to come out!

GH Spoilers: Willow Tait Once Recognized Nina’ Necklace

General Hospital viewers will recall that Willow once recognized Nina’s necklace, or it looked familiar to her; Willow had also mentioned another time about her mother not caring about heirlooms, so it may have been possible that Harmony threw her half away. However, there is still a mystery about where Willow would have seen that necklace, because if Harmony returned it to Madeline and the first half Nina received was Willow’s, she wouldn’t have remembered it!

Maybe Harmony had kept in touch with Madeline after she, Douglas, and Willow moved into the first commune; and she mailed it back to her – that’s the only thing that makes sense here, Willow was maybe three years old at the time and had a vague childhood memory. Viewers of General Hospital will remember that Madeline put one half of the necklace in a keepsake box that was later given to Nina, while the other half ended up in Nelle.

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