General Hospital: Mac May Die Trying To Stop Peter

General Hospital: Mac May Die Trying To Stop Peter

General Hospital spoilers tease Felicia Scorpio may face the unthinkable when her husband Mac Scorpio is shot in the line of duty, trying to keep Peter August from escaping police custody. He will surely do everything in his power to keep Peter from getting close to Maxie Jones.

Mac has practically raised Maxie Jones as his own, and Peter has already caused so much trouble. But Peter is just as motivated to escape now that he knows how to find his daughter. He won’t let Mac get in the way, even if it means killing him.

Maxie Jones told everyone that her baby girl was kidnapped right after giving birth alone in the woods. But the truth is, Maxie knows exactly where her daughter is. She gave her baby to Brooke Lynn Quartermaine to keep her safe from Peter until Peter was dead or in a maximum security prison. But many months have passed and although Peter was finally arrested, he had only been in prison for a few days when Brad Cooper poisoned Peter. Brad was acting on behalf of his aunt, mob boss Selina Wu. Peter survived but was in a coma for several weeks.

For some reason Drew Cain can still be brainwashed but currently Peter is the only one who knows how to activate Drew’s conditioning. Victor Cassadine wants control of Drew for his mysterious future plans.

Peter agrees to give Victor the information as soon as Victor finds his daughter and facilitates Peter’s escape from custody. Victor figures out where the child is and gives the information to Peter. Peter tells Victor that he has one day to help him escape before he is released from the hospital and returned to Pentonville.

General Hospital: Mac May Die Trying To Stop Peter

For the first time, Peter realizes that Maxie Jones has been working overtime just to trick him. And now that he knows where his baby is, he’s likely to mercilessly strike out at anyone foolish enough to stop him. Mac could certainly succumb to his wounds even if Felicia is right by his side, urging him to fight. Things could even get more complicated if it’s Drew who is the shooter on Peter’s orders.

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