General Hospital Spoilers: Esme And Spencer Process New Information

General Hospital Spoilers: Esme And Spencer Process New Information

General Hospital spoilers and updates tell us that Esme Prince has a plan to justify the absence of a baby bump and, indeed, a baby in the upcoming episodes of General Hospital. She’ll simply fake a miscarriage and blame it on Josslyn Jacks, since she’s already gotten away with framing Trina Robinson and putting her in jail for her own crime!

General Hospital viewers should have already noticed that Joss is a mini-me of Carly Corinthos () and many times when Joss opens her mouth, her mother comes out, and in her recent comparisons to Esme Prince, this has proven true! General Hospital viewers will recall that in recent episodes Joss has made some very apt comparisons between Esme and Nelle Benson, calling her “Nelle 2.0.”

As for Esme Prince’s pregnancy scam, viewers will remember that Esme Prince wouldn’t take the pregnancy test she saw falling out of her purse with him there – this is suspicious and indicates a fake pregnancy plot.

Viewers will also remember Esme smiling outside the door of the Collins house after storming out, indicating smugness at pulling off what will no doubt be a major scam! It doesn’t look like Esme planned for Spencer to find out she has the pregnancy test in her purse, so it’s likely she had to readjust the steps of her plan a bit!

General Hospital Spoilers: Esme And Spencer Process New Information

General Hospital viewers will see Esme and Spencer Cassadine struggling with processing some new information during the week of April 4-8 on General Hospital. This will most likely have to do with that pregnancy test, and the results that Esme will have had time to fake by then, either by having another pregnant girl take the test and presenting it as her own, or perhaps by faking a test taken at General Hospital.

After all, viewers won’t be surprised if Spencer Cassadine asks for the pregnancy test to be done by a doctor, possibly a midwife. Dr. Britt Westbourne will be caught off guard the day before Esme and Spencer face this new information, so it could be that she spies on Esme in her office or coming out of the General Hospital lab. Viewers will also remember that Esme had no problem creating another work badge for the late Kiki Jerome or a fake prescription for the pills she used to drug Trina Robinson’s hot toddy – Esme knows her stuff on General Hospital!

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