Joy-Anna Duggar’s Struggles with Newborn Son Gunner – Tired Eyes and Health Concerns

Joy-Anna Duggar's Struggles with Newborn Son Gunner - Tired Eyes and Health Concerns

Many fans are aware that Joy-Anna Duggar, former TLC star and member of the famous Duggar family, recently celebrated the birth of her newborn son, Gunner, on May 17th. With her tendency to generously share family moments on social media, followers are privy to her experience as a new mother once again. However, amidst the cute baby photos and sweet family moments, fans have noticed that the sleepless nights are taking a toll on Joy. At the same time, some have voiced concerns over Gunner’s appearance in some of the shared photos.

Joy-Anna Duggar’s New Motherhood Journey

In an unexpected departure from her siblings’ approach to privacy, Joy-Anna Duggar has been open with fans about her postpartum journey. From adorable baby photos to heartwarming family videos, she’s been welcoming her followers into her world. Nevertheless, beneath her glowing smiles and sweet posts, it’s clear that the young mother is grappling with the common newborn issue: disrupted sleep patterns.

Joy-Anna Duggar candidly admitted to her Instagram followers that her newborn son is to blame for her “tired eyes.” She confided in her followers about Gunner’s struggles with sleeping through the night, resulting in her own lack of sleep. Given Gunner’s age, waking up every few hours to feed is perfectly normal, but it’s evidently leaving Joy fatigued.

Many Duggar fans on Reddit have shown little sympathy for Joy’s complaints about sleep deprivation, arguing that, as a mother of multiple children, she should have been prepared for this stage. However, there’s a wave of understanding and compassion from others who recognize the challenges of parenthood, especially during the newborn phase.

Fans Express Concern Over Gunner’s Health

Joy’s candid sharing has allowed fans a closer look at little Gunner, leading some to express health concerns. A number of fans noticed that Gunner seemed a bit jaundiced in some photos, raising questions about whether Joy-Anna Duggar had sought medical attention.

The Duggar family has often been scrutinized for their handling of medical issues, which adds to the concern of fans. Many are worried that this potential issue may not be addressed appropriately, given the family’s past track record.

However, others urged fans to be cautious about offering unsolicited parenting advice to Joy. They fear she might decide to limit her public sharing, as her siblings have done, to avoid this type of scrutiny.

Written by Meghan Mentell

Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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