KUWTK: Kris Called Jennifer Lawrence Her ‘Favorite Daughter’

KUWTK: Kris Called Jennifer Lawrence Her ‘Favorite Daughter’

Kris Jenner has a soft place in her heart for Jennifer Lawrence – she is such a Lawrence fan that Kris even called the actor her “favorite daughter”. That’s great praise! Find out why Lawrence is so high on Jenner’s list of favorites.

Jennifer Lawrence was a fan of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but unlike other super fans, she actually penetrated the inner circle of the Kar-Jenners to become a family friend. It doesn’t hurt that the actor is notoriously a good time.

Kris Jenner recalled how she and Jennifer Lawrence started their friendship, explaining in a 2015 interview with Steve Harvey on Steve TV: “She was a big Kardashians fan. And someone on her team called me and said, “Would you surprise Jennifer for her birthday… and give her a birthday cake, as if you were the surprise””.

She continued, “When I came out with this cake, she was so excited… and then we had this little friendship from then on. She’s a great girl.”

Kris also remembered Jennifer Lawrence undressing in her closet. “Well, she had some time off, and I invited her to dinner,” Kris explained. “We started drinking a couple of cocktails and we had so much fun. And like girls do when they all get together, we ended up in my closet, looking at clothes and some stuff, and she started putting on some stuff.”

KUWTK: Kris Called Jennifer Lawrence Her ‘Favorite Daughter’

The lovefest continued for Lawrence’s 30th birthday on August 15, when Kris went to Instagram to share a special message for her “favorite daughter”.

“Happy birthday Jen!!”, Kris wrote on her Instagram story. “You’re the most amazing girlfriend, wife, daughter and my favorite daughter today!!!!”

She added, “Thank you for your friendship, love, and so much laughter that my sides hurt… I love you so much! #love #family #remembrances and #friendship.”

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