KUWTK: Kendall Jenner’s Controversial Past

KUWTK: Kendall’s Controversial Past

Kendall Jenner is one of the highest paid models in the world and is part of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Jenner has become known as a popular model and has worked hard to stay on her terms and not to be compared to her many brothers.

Kendall, unfortunately, has ended up in hot water on numerous occasions over the years – and recently, some Reddit fans have discussed her more public controversy, and why the model will probably never escape her altogether.

KUWTK: Kendall’s Controversial Past

Kendall Jenner started modeling when she was just a young teenager and, in short, she started working with many major fashion houses and brands. Although her family name helped her get a boost in the business, Jenner quickly proved she had the talent to make her way in the world.

However, Kendall has not managed to escape the controversy completely, and in recent years she has got herself into trouble on several occasions.

More than once she has been accused of cultural appropriation, including a memorable occasion when she wore an Afro hairstyle for a Vogue photo shoot. Kendall is not the only member of her family to have been accused of something like this, but considering Jenner’s status in the fashion community, it seemed to hit a little harder.

Kendall was also notoriously linked to the Fyre Festival, and promoted the 2017 event on her social media. Of course, after the festival collapsed and burned epically, Jenner received some criticism for his part in the ordeal.

KUWTK: Kendall’s Pepsi scandal

Undoubtedly, Kendall Jenner’s biggest controversy was her much maligned Pepsi advertisement. In early 2017, according to NBC, Pepsi released a commercial that saw Kendall participating in a protest and spreading tension between police officers and protesters by happily distributing cans of Pepsi. The commercial was seen as incredibly insensitive and out of place, and in response to the protests, Pepsi pulled the commercial.

Kendall also received the lion’s share for the commercial, and although she spoke later, admitting that she probably should have been more aware of the context, many still blamed her. Although three years have passed, the scandal has not been forgotten, and in the wake of the current Black Lives Matter protests, many critics are once again discussing Jenner’s Pepsi incident.

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