KUWTK: Some Fans Think Kim Is Weird

KUWTK: Some Fans Think Kim Is Weird

Fans like to learn little details about their favorite celebrities. Maybe finding out more about their daily interactions helps consolidate the feeling that they are really nice people – we are looking at you, Keanu Reeves. Maybe it’s just interesting to take a look at some strange habits that make their personal lives work.

In any case, discovering that trivial information about our favorite celebrities is an exciting way to feel more connected to their world. When it comes to Kim Kardashian, there are definitely some strange things that make her unique. One of them has to do with her reaction to coffee sleeves.

KUWTK: Some Fans Think Kim Is Weird

Although Kardashian is undeniably successful, some fans also find her a bit strange. Her marriage to the West has certainly been a focal point for some of the things that make fans scratch their heads. A lot of people see their relationship as strange.

In particular, fans are baffled by West’s efforts to control the appearance and public personality of his wife. They are also stunned by the “minimalist” style of the couple in front of their home, which fans find off-putting.

It’s not just great things like her marriage and her style that people have that raise their eyebrows, though. Fans are constantly looking for small details about Kardashian’s life, and they’re quick to jump on curiosities when they occur. When people found out that the star sleeps with her eyes a little open, they were flipped.

KUWTK: Kim Has A Thing About Coffee Sleeves

To the growing list of Kardashian’s quirks is added her reaction to cardboard coffee sleeves. Many disposable coffee cups are equipped with a cardboard sleeve to help buffer the drinker’s hand from the heat of the cup. Kardashian is apparently very discouraged by these devices.

According to Stylecaster, she can’t even stay in the same room when the sleeves are removed from the cup. “I leave the room for someone to take it off because I shudder to the sound. It’s like nails on a blackboard to me. I hate cardboard,” Kardashian explained.

Hey, we all have our piss, and at least Kardashian has the resources to get someone else to take the sleeves off her coffee cups for her. Problem solved, apparently.

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