Little People, Big World: Amy Continues Her Story

Little People, Big World: Amy Continues Her Story

Little People, Big World’s Amy Roloff shared with friends why her children Jacob Roloff, Molly Roloff and Jeremy Roloff are no longer in the show. And it’s not what you would think.

Little People, Big World: Amy Continues Her Story

Amy Roloff does not stop quickly. In fact, even though she has left the farm, she is still a major focus of the Little People, Big World show. Recently she announced that she was recording the show, and she looked very pretty in a purple top with full makeup.

She also keeps mentioning “Amy Roloff’s next chapter“, which fans think might be her marriage to Chris Marek. Whatever that next chapter is, it looks like only one of the Roloff kids is going to be a part of it. At least as far as television is concerned.

But it doesn’t look like the fans of the TLC show want to make the kids disappear. In fact, one of the biggest fan questions is: “Why aren’t Molly, Jacob and Jeremy in Little People, Big World anymore? And Amy Roloff finally gave us the dish.

Most people think there is some kind of drama between Amy, Matt Roloff and the children. But Amy Roloff revealed that there isn’t. In fact, she said that each of the children had their own reasons for not appearing in the show.

She started with Molly of Little People, Big World, and said she is in a marriage with an amazing man. When Molly went to college, she was very busy and didn’t want cameras following her. So she put it there and never came back.

As for Jeremy, it’s a lot to take someone else on a television show. With his marriage to Audrey Roloff, Amy Roloff said it made sense for them to pull out and see if they could make it on their own. Amy Roloff said they are doing very well in life and with their business.

When it came to Jacob, Amy Roloff said that he is her youngest and that she will always worry about him. She went on to say that his wife Isabel Roloff is a good match for him. But the subject is clearly a sore spot.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.

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