Little People Big World: Audrey And Jeremy Roloff Slammed For Their Privilege

Little People, Big World: Audrey And Jeremy Roloff Slammed For Their Privilege

Little People Big World star Tori Roloff has shared a new social media post, and it looks like it may be directed to Audrey Roloff. Audrey and her husband Jeremy were recently called in for their privilege. In Tori’s new post, she talks about being grateful to go to Roloff Farms. Amy and Matt Roloff have owned the farm for some time, so the family can enjoy it. Jeremy and Audrey also go to Roloff Farms, but they’re not so aware of the luxuries they have. Or, they don’t realize that other people have it much worse than they do. LPBW fans are not very happy about it.

Little People, Big World Star Tori İs Grateful For Roloff Farms During These Times

As reported in the TV show Ace, Tori Roloff expresses her gratitude for the Roloff Farms during this period. She talks about how great it is that she and her children can spend their time there. They can go out and explore and get some fresh air. Also, Tori and Zach have a garden where their children can play.

Tori’s post came in about two weeks after Audrey and Jeremy Roloff were called in for their privilege. So, it’s possible Tori may have directed her post to Audrey. It’s unclear if Tori would have made that move.

In the comment section, a Roloff family fan mentioned that they’re not doing well right now, like many others. This is a difficult time for many people. Many have lost their jobs and are dealing with financial issues. They are adapting to a new lifestyle. Mental health is a serious concern even at this time.

In response, Tori Roloff is understanding. She says, “I can’t imagine some families not being as lucky as we are and we pray for them every day. We also pray that we can get through this as soon as possible. She seems to definitely recognize her privilege at this time. And that is why she is so eager to offer all possible support to those in need.

Little People, Big World: Audrey And Jeremy Roloff Slammed For Their Privilege

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff were previously called by Little People, Big World fans for their privilege. In their podcast, they talk about the challenges they are facing. They also talk about the fact that they are “locked up”. While they are in their home, they have a garden and can go to Roloff Farms whenever they want.

It’s also worth noting that Jeremy and Audrey Roloff don’t even do social dance from a distance. They are still spending time with Audrey’s family, which frustrates LPBW fans. They hate to see people who don’t take social distance dancing seriously.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are also financially stable at the moment. The couple have written a couple of books, so they’re earning a passive income these days. They’re hosting a podcast and getting advertising revenue from it. They have several business ventures, and during this period they are staying afloat. Others are in much worse positions right now.

An LPBW fan wrote to Jeremy and Audrey Roloff, saying, “I understand you don’t understand what most of us are dealing with. You’re rich. You have the farm to go to. I’m on a low income. And yet it is necessary. I put my family at risk every day to bring people food and supplies.”

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  1. The very people that are upset with Audrey and Jeremy about their wealth and privilege are the very ones responsible for their wealth.

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