Little People Big World: Chris Marek And Amy Roloff Tying The Knot Next Year

Little People, Big World: Chris Marek And Amy Roloff Tying The Knot Next Year

When Little People Big World star Amy Roloff announced the news of her engagement to her son Zach Roloff, her reaction was a bit strange. It certainly didn’t go over well with the fans. According to viewers, it was rude, and since Zach Roloff has received a lot of hate online. However, his wife came to his defense. Let’s take a look.

A fan commented on the photo of little Lilah who saw last night’s episode and the way her husband reacted to Amy Roloff’s engagement. He also banged Tori by calling her and Zach Roloff rude and could have given a better reaction considering she’s a mother herself. The viewer also pointed out that the couple didn’t even congratulate Amy.

Tori said the fan must not have watched the entire episode with an emoji of peace. She also added that they are extremely happy for Amy. In the confessional, Zach Roloff also revealed the reason for his strange reaction.

In his confessional, Zach Roloff said that if there’s one thing he doesn’t want to talk about on camera, it’s whether his mother or father’s relationship goes beyond what it is. He also said he didn’t want to be surprised by something like that on camera.

Amy said all she wanted was for her son to be happy for her. But we can’t say for sure what Zach Roloff thinks. Tori is fiercely defending her husband. That could also mean it could be TLC. We already know how editing can sometimes make characters look bad on TV.

LPBW: Chris Marek And Amy Roloff Tying The Knot Next Year

Meanwhile, Amy’s made it clear there’s no wedding this year. She has a lot of things to do for 30 years. Which, by the way, is one of the reasons she postponed the wedding. But she also indicated that 2021 might be the lucky year she and Chris are finally getting married.

Both Amy and Matt Roloff got over the breakup of their marriage and found a way to be happy for each other. Amy also said she’d like to invite Matt and Caryn to the wedding if they want to come. Caryn has reservations, though, but Matt seems willing to go.

Written by Christine Cohan

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  1. Will Amy and Chris’s wedding be televised?
    They are so good for each other and I hope all of their fans will get to see them finally be married and happy. ❤😁

  2. Even though its weird that theyre divorced im happy for her to have found chris. He appreciates her more.

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