Little People, Big World Fan Leaves Hateful Comment On Tori Roloff’s Recent Post

Little People, Big World Fan Leaves Hateful Comment On Tori Roloff’s Recent Post

During the last episode of Little People, Big World, Tori and Zach Roloff react to the news of Amy Roloff’s engagement. The two plan to be married in 2021. But as TV Shows Ace reports, things are a little awkward. Tori Roloff and Zach weren’t expecting the news yet. Amy Roloff had been dating her current boyfriend Chris Marek for three years when he proposed. However, the news of the engagement came as a shock to Zach and Tori Roloff, as shown on Little People, Big World.

Zach then explained that this is one of the conversations that should be off-limits as far as TV is concerned. Apparently, he told his parents that he didn’t want them to make this kind of announcement during the shoot. He seemed to take Zach by surprise. In a confessional, Zach Roloff says, “My only limit is the relationship between your kids, and if that relationship goes beyond where he is now”.

The LPBW star then adds that he doesn’t like surprises in the room. However, Tori Roloff and Zach Roloff are really happy for Amy. They just didn’t expect to hear that news on camera. While most fans were sympathetic to the couple’s response, some were not too impressed. This has led to a certain hatred for the couple.

Little People, Big World Fan Leaves Hateful Comment On Tori Roloff’s Recent Post

Tori recently shared a sweet post with a couple of pictures of her and Lilah. In response, an Little People, Big World fan commented on the new episode. The fan called Tori Roloff for her embarrassing reaction to Amy’s news, saying, “I saw last night’s episode and saw how your husband reacted to Amy’s engagement. And I have to say, you’re both very rude.

That woman deserves the world, and that your husband is so selfish that he didn’t accept the fact that she made that decision, at least you, as a mother, could have been somehow happy for her. You were both sitting there and you didn’t even say ‘congratulations'”.

Fortunately, most of the comments on that post are positive. But Tori still takes the time to respond to that negative. In response, Tori applauds, saying, “You clearly didn’t watch the whole episode. We were excited about @amyjroloff and we loved it so much”. Tori also adds an emoji peace sign to her comment.

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  1. I agree with Zac about getting the news. He has asked both of his parents he didn’t want any surprises., tell him first. What is wrong with that. The children had to adjust to the divorce and then the parents started dating. They are happy for them and being on tv for the world to see things is a lot to put up with.

  2. You guy’s are so nice and humble. I would love to visit the farm someday. Your son is squeezable ADORABLE. Makes me smile every time I see him. GOD BLESS your family. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait to see Lilah interacting with Jackson.

  3. I feel that.. the proposal was was fake her emotions were not believable..also with her mothers death there is no emotion..dont get me wrong i love this show. And i also feel that matts girl friend is in it for the money..hate to say that but true..

    • I have to admit that it shocked me to see Amy’s reaction to her mother’s death. But there are so many things we don’t know. How long after she actually got the news, was her reaction filmed? . Maybe she got the news days before. Maybe she knew her mom was suffering and it was a relief that the suffering ended. When I found out my mom was going to die I could not function. I was in fetal position. But when she died I was relieved for her suffering to be over. Maybe people thought I showed no emotion. On film Amy seemed to be smiling. We have no idea of the timing ; don’t kniw if she was under a doctors care; was on medication. We only know what we see on tv.

    • I agree about Caryn. She’s not a nice person and I love Amy. She deserves happiness and Zach and Tori obviously want that for her. Just took them by surprise in front of the cameras.

  4. I agree be happy for them didnt like the faces you both did after 3 years you knew they would get married and she wanted to tell the world the news be nice now

  5. Just my opinion but I don’t think Amy and Chris will get married. Amy seemed very subdued about planning a date. Love little Jackson, just so cute and funny. Tory and Zachary seem very happy and I think they were in shock when Amy gave them the news.

    • I agree. I understand from all I’ve read
      That divorce can destroy kids, no matter what age.
      But why don’t you think Amy will get married? Don’t you think she loves Chris?

  6. I love how many people hide behind their computers saying mean things. None of us has any idea what has gone one between anyone in this family. We see How many hours out of a year? How much is taken out of context for drama to viewers? You feel sorry for Amy. That’s fine and good. But please don’t make mean comments about these fine kids. And Zack? My God. Do you know what he’s gone thru other than what producers show us. And you don’t like his reaction? I see Amy’s reaction to Zacks dad trying to find happiness. Maybe that’s upsetting to Zack. What do any of us really know what’s going on in their hearts and minds? Please be kind. See both sides. See all sides. Don’t make them feel worse than they might already be feeling.

  7. I’ve wanted to say something since I watched the engagement episode. Zach and Tori you are both rude. Tori, you only cared about Zach’s response to his mother. You rubbed his back. You didn’t hug your mom in law. Yes, you may love her but you were still rude. Zach, we’re sorry you had a prior set up with your folks but your mother was dating Chris for 3 years it’s inevitable that she was getting married. Come on. Grow up and step up to the plate. I hope this doesn’t happen to your kids when they announce their engagement to you and your wife down the road. By the way get a job and be a man!! TLC, seriously, list this couple, they only care about themselves. And how about when they were camping and Zach made the comment to his little boy about the canoe when he almost got clocked in the head. Zach! He’s a little boy!! You need to be careful not the other way around!!

  8. All Zach wanted was a little private family time to be told first. Neither Zach nor Tori meant any disrespect whatsoever. It is not up to us,their viewing public,to judge them. There are things that they would like to know(before being aired) that they should know so that they are not caught off guard. Amy, just forgot about making the promise she had made. It is understandable at a time of the loss of her Mother,adult prom,Chris’s proposal,etc,all going on in her busy,emotional life. All is understood on all sides and no one has a right to judge others whether they are celebrities or otherwise.Celebrities would like to make some of their lives as private as possible. Just because they choose to be in the spotlight,doesn’t mean they wouldn’t like those lights “dimmed” at times. God bless you & the “Little People,Big World families!

  9. Zack is just like his Father , everything has to go his way or he has a fit , they don’t treat Amy very good , dislike how they think Caryn , is the best ,she is always trying to out do Amy, when it comes to the Grand kids , I am Happy for Amy and Chris

  10. I agree with Zach and Tori. Amy had been asked by Zach to keep that sort of subject private. She was wrong just springing it on them. Zach and Tori have always been respectful about Amy and Chris’s relationship. If anyone was rude it was caryn. She always has a smart derogatory statement about Amy. She sticks her nose in the business that she shouldn’t.

  11. To be perfectly honest I don’t like Amy Rollof. She was always cutting Matt down and never appreciated his work that was done on their home! If Zach told her to keep information private she should have respected that. Tori and Zach are good people. I don’t think Tori or Zach were rude.

  12. Happy Mother’s Day Tory you’re a wonderful blessed mother. Love the show and wishing you all continued success and happiness. ❤️❤️

  13. What the hell is wrong with you all leaving rude comments? You all acting all high and mighty. Just because you would handle it a certain wy, does not mean like they should act the same! Shame on you for having under disregard for their feeling. All you all are are big ass bullies. Amy should of done it privately first. Check to see and put out any fires, so to speak.
    Amy is a person who let fame and still does. She was the least favorite person when I watched the show. I wuit watching it. She is rude. As I said, “Under disregard for her family, how do you think…parents divorce….parent engages…..parents getting married to other people.” Hell no, kids do not think, act, and become angry. Each child is different. So my pont is….stop being such hateful people. And bullies. Zack and Tori do not worry about these idios, karma will catch them. Zack and Tori I hope you have an awesome, loving and blessed life. ❤🤗👊

  14. I love Tori and Zac., I wouldn’t not watch LPBW if they were not on it. As for the dramatic queen Amy, she totally has no regard for anyone else but Amy. Happy Mother’s Day too all.😆

  15. I personally believe that both Chris and Karen are in relationships with Amy and Matt respectively for the opportunity to be on television and use them for $$$…Suddenly Karen doesn’t work at the farm after 10 years and it’s apparent Matt supports her financially and the situation with Chris and Amy makes little sense because if he planned to wed Amy for anything other than money then why after the engagement hasn’t he offered to pay for half the house that he’ll be living in as her husband and isn’t marital assets such as the house Amy just bought on her own half his if and when they marry ?…Unfortunately it seems to me that these average sized people Chris and Karen are with the patriarchs of LPBW It’s called a money grab in both situations.

  16. I have to agree with some of the comments here. I thought Zach came across as being selfish and rude. Maybe they were both in shock, but they could have been more supportive of Amy. I also dont like how they seem to treat Caryn well when she was and is part of the cause of the family breaking up. I particularly think Caryn is a sneaky lady and got Matt just where she wanted him. She is def in it for Matt’s money . Cant stand the bi*ch!!!

  17. Grow up, he is a married father of two. His mom owes him nothing. She stayed in a bad marriage for her children. She is happy now, that is all that should matter. Selfish and self centered just like his daddy…. #growupzach

  18. I’m happy for Amy. I don’t see how she stayed with Matt as long as she did. 😞 If Zach isn’t careful he’s gonna be JUST like his father. 😩 That’d be awful. You don’t hear the other kid’s throwing a tantrum. They need to chill and let Amy have a life. They’re grown and living their own life so why begrudge her sharing her news HOW and WHEN she wants to?! 😠 Matt and the kids are no longer in control of Amy’s every move!

  19. Amy got what she deserved, she is always so negative about Matt and Caryn and everything has to revolved around poor little amy. Life is tough be happy for others lady.

  20. I don’t care for Caryn! I feel like she’s in it for much more! To go behind Amy’s back …basically your boss and screw around with her husband makes me sick to my stomach! No I haven’t been cheated on but to know this man is married should of been off limits!
    Caryn is in it for the money, the house in Arizona, the farm etc….just my opinion!

  21. I think matt was messing with caryn. long before the break up zach hangs with his dad because he gives them everything tries to out do Amy making the grand son a plane to play in what the heck Amy is good to all of them why cant she be happy and zach needs to grow up its not all about him or matt they want Amy gone so they can have her house

  22. The world loves and watches LITTL People Big World, yet TLC TV still doesn’t ge it, forcing us to watch everyday-common regular ADULT siblings, Jeremy, Molly. Jacob & kids & spouse– no longer Roloff cute babies, but MOST BORING ADULTS, so we must all TURN THE CHANNEL until LITTLE PEOPLE & PARTNERS-SPOUSES-LITTLE BABIES COME ON TV. Millions of AVERAGE HEIGHT PEOPLE we can watch but our favorite is LITTLE Matt & Caryn, LITTLE Zach & Tori, LITTLE Amy & Chris plus LITTLE CUTE BABIES Lila & Jackson.Please stop torturing us with tall others who steal tv time.

  23. Thank you for these wonderful “little people” showing us “tall people” how better they succeed often more than we do, I enjoy all 9, Zack-Tori +3, Matt-Caryn, and Amy-Chris.Glad us fans no more bored watching “tall” siblings. You’re my favorite TV Show. Await your new show 2022, MoTilton Eckols

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