Little People, Big World: Tori Roloff Tries Keeping Jackson Awake

Little People, Big World: Tori Roloff Tries Keeping Jackson Awake

Tori recently told fans that she doesn’t feel great. In fact, she said she went to doctor’s appointments herself because of the pandemic. Little People, Big World celebrity Tori Roloff didn’t like the fact that her husband Zach Roloff couldn’t go with her.

Being a parent in times of COVID-19 seems like an extra difficult thing for Tori Roloff. In fact, she said she feels bad for her children, especially for Lilah Roloff. Tori reached out and asked if anyone else feels the same.

Many viewers of Little People, Big World said they understand what Tori Roloff is going through. Many said they feel guilty for complaining because they have a good life. Tori Roloff said she knows she has a lot of privilege, but she still feels bad.

Little People, Big World: Tori Roloff Tries Keeping Jackson Awake

After going to church and having a busy day, it seems that Tori Roloff wanted to keep Jackson Roloff up past his bedtime. But she showed a picture of Jackson outside sleeping cold. It looks like her inner clock is stronger than her mom’s, who wants him to stay up later.

Watchers of Little People, Big World wonders if Tori wanted Jackson to stay up later because of the time change. Whatever it was, it seems that Jackson’s desire to sleep is much stronger than his mother’s desire to keep him awake.

After a long day of fun, it looks like Jackson was ready to take a few zzz. Fans of LPBW said he’s been busy with pumpkin season and Halloween, so he deserves a break. After all, it’s hard to be so cute, many fans agree.

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  1. This show encourages me to step beyond my limited boundaries. This is such an inspiring show. There is non other like this. 🙏 🌈 💕

  2. I have no sympathy. Every mom has to deal with this. I was a single mom and worked 6 days week and did major work around the house etc for my parents and had no social life. Its called being a parent and working through it. Kids need a nap during the day and be a parent learn what will work for you and your kid. If he’s over playing and not going for a nap that’s a problem.
    Sorry I wish I could have stayed home and raised my kid. I didn’t have that luxury as do other woman.

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