My 600-Lb Life: Cynthia Wells Shares Positive News!

My 600-Lb Life Cynthia Wells Shares Positive News!

My 600-Lb Life say viewers first met Cynthia Wells on the show in 2016. Cynthia weighed 610 pounds when she appeared on the show. Cynthia Wells managed to lose weight even though she ignored her doctor’s advice. Viewers saw her later on Where Are They Now? By then she had already lost more weight and weighed about 360 pounds. However, she said she felt like a “failure”, but now we’ve heard positive news about her social media account.

Cynthia Wells’s doctor, Dr. Now, thought she was having trouble losing weight because she felt emotionally attached to food. Then, after the surgery, he suggested therapy, but she disagreed with him and decided to do things her own way. It seems that more cast members disagreed with the TLC program. According to reports, Megalomedia, the production company of the TLC show received a lawsuit against them from four former cast members. But right now Cynthia Wells is not one of them.

My 600-lb Life: Where Is Cynthia Wells, The Star Of ‘My 600-lb Life,’ Now?

Although she lost weight on how and through her hard work, Cynthia felt she was unsuccessful. She felt like a failure. The TLC star told her followers that she had been fighting because she wanted to make the progress she wanted. Cynthia lost weight but felt “comfortable” with her accomplishment. So now she feels she has to take it more seriously.

Now, Cynthia Wells seems to have made an enormous effort. She recently updated her fans on Facebook. Cynthia Wells’s profile these days is full of herself and her eldest son, and she looks great in those photos. She’s also shared photos of her entire body showing that she’s in good shape. She also shares other fun things, like movies they watch. On his page he also shared a challenge to empower women.

Cynthia Wells shared a picture of her face and she was really beautiful. Her fans fell in love with the photo and one commented: “Beautiful photo queen”. Another fan also wrote: “Absolutely beautiful! Other fans made comments like “beautiful” and “beautiful”. Cynthia also shared a post that showed her a very thoughtful side. The TLC star posted about remembering children who don’t have a safe place now that the school is out due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Written by Meghan Mentell

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