My 600-Lb Life: Whatever Happened To Brittani Fulfer?

My 600-Lb Life: Whatever Happened To Brittani Fulfer?

My 600-lb Life is an irresistible hook; TLC’s long-running show offers viewers an intimate insight into some of the most exhilarating, devastating and difficult weight loss journeys. Each episode follows a person on the brink of the end of their life who decides to visit the miracle worker Dr Now, who promises to transform their unhealthy lifestyle to change them for the better – and hopefully forever.

While some of the stories in My 600-pound Life don’t have happy endings, watching the show is mostly a jolting experience.

In the case of Brittan, her story was one of the most heartbreaking. Brittan Fulfer began her weight-loss journey at a staggering 605.5 kilos and revealed how she was sexually abused as a child, which ultimately led to a lifetime of food problems.

She memorably described how the mere thought of living in her body caused her intense pain and sadness, admitting that looking in the mirror even hurt. With the help of Dr. Now and a strict diet, Brittan Fulfer lost an incredible 240 pounds, dropping another 93 pounds in the following episode, resulting in a weight of 272 pounds.

My 600-Lb Life: Whatever Happened To Brittani Fulfer?

Since her appearance on My 600-Lb Life, Brittan Fulfer has focused on getting healthy and staying on track. As The Cinemaholic notes, she and her husband even considered having a child, which would have been unthinkable just a few years earlier.

They are, however, proud aunts and uncles to a young nephew, which Brittan Fulfer revealed in the couple’s sweet Facebook selfie. In another Facebook post of her lounging on the beach, Brittan Fulfer’s incredible weight loss can be seen, but she mainly uses the social media platform to advise others not to give up. Nowadays, she spends a lot of time outdoors, is active and smiles broadly in practically every photo. 

The My 600-pound Life star has been impressively open about her struggles with depression, and she encourages fans to keep talking and asking for help when they need it. Brittan Fulfer remains focused on living well above all else.

Written by Lauren Rottman

Reality TV Writer
Lauren Rottman joined the theworldnewsdaily team in 2020.


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