My 600-lb Life: Where Is Lindsey Witte, The Star Of ‘My 600-lb Life,’ Now

My 600-lb Life: Where Is Lindsey Witte, The Star Of ‘My 600-lb Life,’ Now

No one can deny that My 600-lb Life is a successful show. It gives everyday people the tools and opportunity to improve their lives, both mentally and physically. What’s better than that? One of their success stories is Lindsey Witte.

Fans were introduced to Lindsey in season eight, where she weighed 648 pounds, according to Gossip Cop. Not only did her health suffer, but also her marriage – her addiction to food, combined with her husband’s addiction to alcohol, almost destroyed both their lives, the portal reported.

Lindsey Witte was tired of using food as a coping mechanism and sought help to end her food addiction from medical expert Dr. Now. According to The Cinehamolic, Lindsey followed Dr. Now’s calorie diet, which limited carbohydrates and sugar.

The diet plus exercise helped her lose 209 pounds in 12 months. The last time viewers saw Lindsey was when he was given the go-ahead for a new stomach operation and set a new weight target, the portal reports.

My 600-lb Life Where Is Lindsey Witte, The Star Of ‘My 600-lb Life,’ Now

Good news for fans: Lindsey Witte is thriving! According to The Cinemaholic, Lindsey has been sticking to her diet and exercise plan, which has helped him lose weight faster. The publication also reported that he has made a commitment to go to the gym every day with his friend Irene. The endless support of her friends and family has helped her achieve her goals.

The Cinemaholic also revealed that Lindsey has been seeing a psychotherapist to treat his food addiction problems so he doesn’t fall back into bad habits. “Nothing is going to shake my commitment to doing what I need to have the life I want,” Witte said in a Facebook post. That means Witte and her husband are doing well, too, reports The Cinemaholic.

The publication reported that fans initially believed that Witte and her husband were splitting up, but Witte explained on social media that her marriage is doing much better after both of them started dealing with their addictions.

Following the show, Lindsey has also set up a Facebook group chat called Second Chance Success – The Real Lindsey so fans can follow her weight loss progress, reports Distractify. She’s clearly reclaimed her life and kicked her toxic habits, and fans couldn’t be happier for her.

Written by Evelyn Foster

Evelyn Foster is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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