My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore Is Getting Out of Her Townhouse

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore Is Getting Out of Her Townhouse

Whitney Thore told fans of My Big Fat Fabulous Life that the recording of the season is “finally” finished. She said that all the film on the windows that was there to help with the lighting is down. And she was able to put her decorations back, and life became normal again.

How does “normal” look for Whitney fans early? Whitney told the fans that she was having a terrible time and that her mental health was suffering. She said the drama with Chase Severino was heartbreaking and it will be hard to watch.

Despite the difficulty, she did promote the latest season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life. Fans are excited that the show will be back in November. But they are worried about Whitney and hope she will be okay after the heartbreak.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore Is Getting Out of Her Townhouse

The move to Charlotte was a big step for Whitney of My Big Fat Fabulous Life. She started in a small apartment and then moved quickly to a mansion. Despite her father, Glenn Thore, and his objections, Whitney moved to the largest room.

It doesn’t look like the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star is happy there anymore. In fact, she said she was moving and the viewers started guessing. Some said Paris and the UK, and Whitney said she loves it there, but no.

One viewer of My Big Fat Fabulous Life even suggested she move back in with her parents. She said, “I love them, but…” And another asked if she was moving in with Buddy, and that was another no.

Written by Hannah Gaynor

Hannah Gaynor is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. Well after watching a bit of this show I have to agree with the fat part but there was nothing fabulous about it. The idea of her moving in with the parents would be bad, they would go broke feeding this drama queen. And the father is rich but where does she get her money? Finally her exercise classes and video, come on, good grief! Oh yeah, the guy that wanted to marry her, that was bs right?

  2. @ Paul Scaliano. You are a horrible person!
    Leave your hateful diatribe to yourself; it’s incredibly unattractive.

  3. Hi.i love this go girl you are beautiful and smart. I have lived with people putting me down my whole life
    . These are people who are jealous of you. So just be happy and take life one day at a time. Love you whit.

  4. Well I think your only working with what god gave you.Your beautiful creative and hats off to your success in life. Life is hard and you manage it well.🥰 Northern Alberta 🇨🇦

  5. Why does she still have a show? The storyline is the same season after season. She works out, she and Buddy have a bizarre relationship, she dances, she hangs out with friends and her parents, the only thing different was she had a cheating boyfriend. Why would I want to buy/watch a video of her exercising? She hasn’t lost weight, that a very disappointing workout video!! Where is the fabulous in the show?
    She needs to do more than workout!!
    She and Buddy just need to get together already!
    Dancing 😂😂 really?
    Is anyone surprised he cheated? Nope!

  6. Yes, Paul, the total season of Thore/Severino love and marriage was totally fake from beginning to end and the fact that they are still trying to prop up that fallacy is beyond insulting to anyone’s intelligence if they have one operating brain cell in their skull. I knew the whole thing was fake from the get and every episode just got more and more unbelievable. When they were filming in Paris, all the local news organizations were saying how they were never together, never seen having dinner or any couple-like activity. When leaving for the airport, they were not “together”and supposedly did not sit with each other on the plane home, no contact. So it’s all a farce and now watching Thore trying to muster tears for these commercial shorts and such is painful to watch as she is on a reality show, not a typical TV show and she is not an actress as has been clearly demonstrated by these previously described shirts. I think it’s totally laughable.

  7. I think Whitney is beautiful the way she is. If you don’t like what’s happening, don’t watch the show. There are a lot of people half her size that can’t move the way she does..keep on going girl. You are great

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