My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore’s Dreams Dashed By Chase

In the last season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life it seemed like things were looking up for Whitney Thore. The TLC star was happy with her relationship, and Chase blew the question in Paris. Fans thought it couldn’t get any better.

Whitney did fight with Chase when she was in France. And that did worry My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans. Having a baby was a great desire for Whitney, and Chase Severino said he didn’t know if that’s what he wanted.

Despite their disagreement, Whitney still thought it could go well. MBFFL star Whitney had a big pill to swallow shortly after that. And it looks like it hit her out of nowhere.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore’s Dreams Dashed By Chase

Whitney from My Big Fat Fabulous Life was working on her dream to become a champion in weightlifting. She did really great, and suddenly the pandemic was a fact. Chase chose not to move in with his fiancée because he got a job at a bar.

MBFFL celebrity Whitney Thore was angry with her fiancé because she wanted him to quarantine her. During quarantine, he called her and told her to tell her something in person. Whitney wanted him to tell her in person what it was, but he insisted.

He told Whitney about sleeping with another woman. And he dropped the bomb, telling his now ex that he was going to be a father soon. She couldn’t believe what Chase told her and she crumbled under the weight of it.

Written by Evelyn Foster

Evelyn Foster is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. Yeah that’s why she ” crumbled under her weight”. Honestly why dafuq do you people give these people a platform? Body positive my ass! I’m in healthcare and there is nothing worse then tending to an overweight glutton who wants to be treated” right”! I’m sick of you stuffing your face until gravy comes out of your eyeballs!!! You need to eat to live!! Not live to eat!!!

  2. No woman should ever have gone through that. But maybe it’s karma when Whitney let Buddy kiss her and then seasons later she kissed Buddy her best friend’s ex. I believe in karma. What my pet peeve about Whitney Thore she wants Buddy after having sex one night stand yes, that was six years ago if Buddy wanted to be with her he would have. She’s living in a fantasy 🌎 world. Chase and her moved way too fast. Hopefully, she gets her act together and focuses just on herself. Buddy Bell has a gorgeous girlfriend Brittany Sherman. I wonder is she going to be part of the show and I also can’t wait to see if Whitney and Buddy have boundaries because they were too much co-dependent on each other. I hope that Heather break out of her shell and be more outgoing she’s so beautiful.

  3. I’m sorry but I don’t feel sorry for her. She’s to bossy
    Always in everyone’s business whines way to much
    And I don’t see why she even has a TV show. She doesn’t want to lose weight and wants to be a trainer? Who would go to her if they want to lose weight. I sure the hell wouldn’t. She wants to be a weight lifter? That’s a big joke Chase had a girl all ready come on who’d wanna be with a girl that wants to stay fat.

  4. Wow, I’m In Healthcare also and I’m disappointed by ur response hector. I look at fat,slim,old,young,black,and white vaginas for a living and to me it doesn’t matter as long as they are clean but even when they are not clean I don’t judge them. Nobody should be in the healthcare field if they have the need to judge people based on appearances. Fat shaming or any other shaming is so high school. There are some of us like me who work hard to maintain a nice shape but that doesn’t give me the right to make someone else feel less than because they choose another route for themselves. Shame on all of you who just fat shamed her.

  5. Whitney is a big girl, I know what it feels like being a bigger person my whole life. She needs to lose weight for her, I used my weight to keep men away, but did find a wonderful man who has put up with me and my size for 25 years. Whitney needs to get some confidence and concentrate on her not everyone else.

  6. To those that sound so angry and bitter towards Whitney, her friends, her attitude her body appearance……. why in the world would you even watch her show if she irritates you that badly?

  7. Whitney has PCOS, polycystic ovarian syndrome. Among many different side effects, one is obesity. Its very ignorant and rude for people to assume that she is obese because she eats too much. She seems to be very active, yet she does not lose weight. People know your facts before you judge others.

  8. Every single one of you spewing the hate from that whole in your face…YOU NEED TO BE SO ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES!!! I didn’t know you people became everyone’s Judge, Jury & Executioner!! Maybe y’all aren’t as pretty or handsome or in perfect shape, like you think you are! People like you, that spew hate is EXACTLY what’s wrong with our world!! Apparently y’all weren’t raised right or raised to know that you have no room to judge the next person, lest ye be judged also! People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones! Look in your own back door first, before speaking! And…just so you haters know the difference BEFORE you spew hate by opening your mouth, better learn the difference between over eating and POLYCYSTIC OVARIAN Syndrome!! And ANYONE whose within the medical/healthcare industry would ABSOLUTELY know the difference!! And if you are a female, then you already know what it is and the causes and symptoms!!

  9. Does Chase love this woman that is pregnant was there a try to stay together between him and Whitney if they really loved each other there could be a chance for them to stay together

  10. When I watched Whitney do the weight lifting struggle ..all I could think of was the incredible added stress to her heart.. Morbidly overweight. and the added heavy weights pushed her heart muscle… where is her common sense… I fear for the damage her weight and exercise behaviors have shortened her life…PS. she has incredible parents…

  11. Very sad story, I think Chase just wanted his few minutes of fame on My Fat Fabulous Life. What is so fabulous about being her size compared to the woman Chase got pregnant? Imagine Whitney being pregnant & adding more weight to that already oversized body? Not healthy for her either, & no adoption agency wants to help someone Whitney’s size no matter how much money she has, it is unhealthy for her as well as caring for a newborn. She should stick to her Pussy’s & forget about kid’s!

  12. Whitney goes from one thing after another ( dancing , exercise classes , back to dance classes , then too this training crap ) she can’t focus on things or gets bored or whatever. Yet whines n complains because Chase bought a bar and won’t drop. His new job too just follow her around with that asshat Ryan . Why should he give up his dreams because this month she’s thinking oh wait I can be a trainer. She is bossy selfish n spends the entire hour of the show Whining . I’m over this show , I deleted it from my shows I record . Boring as hell this season .

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