My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore Reestablishes Ties to Greensboro

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore Reestablishes Ties to Greensboro

Whitney has plenty of reasons to feel sour about this year. Despite her cheerful character on My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Whitney Thore said she is not a positive person. And her boyfriend, Buddy Bell, agreed with her on that point.

Whitney and Buddy hung around a lot during the pandemic, but it seems that they no longer live together. The viewers of My Big Fat Fabulous Life were sad to see their dreams about the couple go up in smoke. But it seems that love is not in the cards for Whitney this year.

Recently Whitney told the viewers that she felt mentally exhausted. She said her mental health suffered a lot from the pandemic. And it seems that the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star goes back to some things that are known.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore Reestablishes Ties to Greensboro

When TLC’s Whitney moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, everyone in her hometown was against it. Whitney moved there to work on her No BS Active brand with Ryan. But after the drama with Ryan Andreas’ girlfriend Chase Severino, it seems that things went south. In the last season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, it looks like the fans will see a rift between Ryan and Whitney.

Another hint to the end of their friendship is that Whitney is working with someone else on No BS Active. She brought her trainer Jessica Powell to the brand. And it looks like those two are doing their thing, and Ryan is out.

In light of Whitney Thore’s partnership with Jessica and her recent share of the move, viewers think she’s going back to Greensboro. But Whitney said she’s not going back to her parents, and she’s not living with Buddy. The viewers wonder whether she is going back to her house or whether she is going to live somewhere else.

Written by Hannah Gaynor

Hannah Gaynor is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. Whitney you mentioned you wanted a standard poodle well I know of a great breeder. I have one and live him and I am sure you will also.

  2. Hasn’t this obese, obnoxious nobody gone away yet ?! She sets a horrible example for anyone dumb enough to follow her. Fat is fat and will never be equated with health or strength or vitality.

  3. Hannah, you have your facts wrong, Whitney Thore and Buddy Bell were never boyfriend and girlfriend. Buddy use to be involved with Heather Skyes for two years. Whitney and Heather grew up together as kids through now. Whitney and Buddy had a sexual encounter 6 years ago but he didn’t want anything more with Whitney, long story short she mentioned that he apologized for hurting her. Whitney is obsessed with Buddy she said one of the seasons when they get together. Whitney wants to be with Buddy and yes he could have been with her at any time before got with Heather. But he doesn’t. They are co-dependent and far as Ryan goes that was a huge mistake and getting with Chase seemed too fast, I don’t know what it was like when the cameras aren’t rolling but Chase hurt her badly. I hope for Whitney she gets over her pain and far as Buddy goes they need boundaries. Buddy stayed with Whitney , On his Instagram, he’s said he is dating a woman named Brittany Sherman so why would he do that. She needs to let go of that Heather told her she would lose her as a friend if she ever pursued Buddy.

  4. Suzanne, you ask if anyone is dumb enough to follow Whitney but you make a comment… Looks like you answered your own question! Seeing as how you responded, then you must be ….

  5. You mention that Chase is Ryan’s girlfriend and that is not correct because they never dated nor are either of them girls. Chase is Ryan’s best friend and Ryan introduced him to Whitney. Chase and Whitney were engaged for a while but when that went south that was when budy came to stay with Whitney in Charlotte.

  6. Suzanne, you are fat shaming Whitney. Not cool. Whitney has a condition called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Research that and maybe you will understand why she can’t lose her weight. You would not shame someone who was born with one arm, so don’t shame someone who is born with PCOS. Get educated and be tolerant. Love to you Whitney!!

  7. I watch this show faithfully but just did the math the other day. Unless Chase’s baby mama gave birth early, and I believe she was born in October, he cheated on Whitney before the pandemic. So Whitney, he isn’t work depression & tears. I know, easier said then done.

  8. Susanne has the whole point wrong. There are plenty of skinny people who are unhealthy. Too many people judge strictly on appearance without taking genetics and other factors into consideration. Kids are too often bullied because of their appearance (fat or thin, too tall or too short) and that carries into adult life. Whitney’s no BS brand is about not judging based on appearance no matter what. I guess you didn’t understand the message.

  9. Hannah, before writing an article you need to conduct research. In this case that would involve actually watching at least one episode. This piece is embarrassing it has so many grossly obvious factual errors. I have watched a handful of episodes across the duration of the series; you, on the other hand, have obviously never watched. I get the task it is to endure watching Whitney self-handicapping and her ceaseless unkind treatment of her “friends,” excluding Buddy who I think she would let run her over with his car if the notion occurred to him. I find Whitney hard to watch because of her penchant for omni-victimhood, and the fact that she has the social and personal development of a pre-adolescent, but I still try to catch a couple of episodes each new season in hopes she’s had an epiphany about the fact that there is no recognized medical/academic data to substantiate her claim that PCOS is the sole cause of her super obesity (this is a clinical diagnosis/category/term, and in no way should it be interpreted as pejorative) while the binging, secretive eating, poor food choice, and disordered eating that the cameras have caught and which have been included in multiple episodes are indeed significant contributing factors. As a doctor (though my specialty rarely involves addressing a patient’s weight), it’s disturbing to see someone given a platform to disseminate dangerous disinformation.

  10. Whit and Buddy would make a great couple. You need to be great friends with your life partner. They are.. Buddy needs to stay away from drugs and Whit needs to keep working on herself. She is looking better then she has in awhile. I am a big women at 235. My top weight was 325. I am trying hard to get the fat off. I have had knee replacements(both), ankle surgeries (both) and I need back surgery. I am old enough to be Whitneys mom. I am coming from a good place. Work on you. Buddy you need to work on you . Help eachother. You are friends. If both of you do the positve changes it will be good for your health as you age. Hopefully you can avoid the
    health pitfalls if you work on yourself. Be open to seeing where you and Buddy can take your friendship. When you are old and grey having the “1” beside you is what it is all about. I have been with my “1” for 30 years now. He is my dearest friend before anything else.

    Your friend from Alaska

  11. I don’t follow anything she does. I’ve only seen a few commercials about her show and read the first few paragraphs in a few articles. No woman who weighs over 300 pounds is remotely healthy and you can compare mortality rates of those with normal weights against those with obesity to see the truth. She wasn’t born weighing 300 pounds so that means she is responsible for overeating in order to gain that much weight. I’m so sick and tired of people defending people with NO self control or discipline and glorifying them.

  12. I absolutely love Whitney. I love her corky, upbeat personality and her never give up determination she has for life. It wouldn’t matter to me what her size or looks are. She is a very beautiful person, inside and out!

  13. I watch Whitney’s show often. I like her as a person but if I’m honest I do often wonder why this woman who exercises and works out a lot never looses weight or gets smaller. I think you couldn’t NOT loose weight doing all that and eating healthy. She has to be a closent eater. And buy some pants other then those black stretchy pants. Non the less I do like Whitney.

  14. This is all messed up. Chase is a man. Ryan’s BFF and he and Whitney were engaged. They were having problems because he wouldn’t move to Charlotte after the engagement. Turns out he was with his old gf who turned up pregnant. Seems weird to me you could leave out that glaring storyline.

  15. To Suzanne: “obese, obnoxious nobody”??? Whitney quite obviously is SOMEBODY. She has a successful show. She is educated, smart, funny and beautiful. She exhibits more strength and vitality than most who are not overweight. Whitney KNOWS she is overweight, but hands down she most certainly has better self-worth and a better personality than you. Only those who are internally miserable and/or jealous would spew such disdain for another. Whitney, you ROCK!!!

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