Sister Wives Betrayal

Sister Wives Betrayal

Moving to Flagstaff was a burden for the family. Add in COVID and it was just a disaster. Communication was so disrupted and every discussion revolved around the pandemic.

Kody Brown is the main one who rotates from home to home but it is still so divisive. There are rules but no one seems to be able to do anything right. When Janelle travels or her kids work, the whole family gets punished. Kody doesn’t invest and stays away.

Ysabel is recovering from her surgery and is in so much pain. Both she and Christine Brown struggle with the fact that Kody is not there. Even the doctors were shocked. Kody hopes his daughter won’t resent him for the rest of her life. She asks Christine Brown to isolate herself again and not invite people over. He reminds her that when they go out, people want to talk to them. The family wants to see them, they can’t stay locked up forever.

She also adds that she’s not around that much anyway, even before the COVID per rotation. Robyn interjects during her confession that since the pandemic, Kody’s rotation is determined by each woman’s behavior. In the past, she spent two nights in every home except Meri’s. Now she comes in longer and stays out longer. For Janelle, this makes sense. Kody stopped sleeping with Christine Brown when she started traveling. He forgets that one of the bigger times she was away was helping their daughter.

Sister Wives Betrayal

Kody Brown feels so betrayed by the way the meeting has gone. But Janelle says that even if they followed the rules, nothing would happen. She believes that she would always believe someone was lying. She adds that she has obeyed the government.

Robyn Brown says she has been following the rules for seven months now, which is good for her to have Kody around. Janelle would have a mental health crisis if she had to go through all this every day. For Christine, it feels like a dictatorship, not a marriage.

Meri Brown just wants everyone to get along. Janelle says she’ll follow the rules to get to Christmas. Yet she is forced to choose between the kids and Kody Brown. She always chooses her children. Christine shares that she won’t be there for Thanksgiving because she’s out of state with her kids. Janelle won’t be there either, but she’ll pass it on for Christmas. Meri wants to be able to see Robyn and the kids, but they have been holding her back. Kody has given her permission to come.

The family feels like it’s falling apart as everyone is scattered for the holidays. Christine doesn’t want to be home and doesn’t want to be home. Robyn cries and hugs Meri, forgets the rules and is ready for play dates. She just wants Meri to be happy, even with Kody.

Written by Hannah Gaynor

Hannah Gaynor is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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