Sister Wives: Christine Brown Breaks Free

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Breaks Free

Since Christine Brown left Kody Brown in Flagstaff, her life seems to be dramatically different. She no longer covers her body like she used to and smiles a lot more. The former third wife has finally found her happiness and it shows.

Earlier today, the mom of six showed off a fun and glam new look on Instagram. She went on to compare herself to a well-known TV personality. Is she playing dress up or is there some truth to this comparison?

Christine had a lot to hide in the early days of Sister Wives. Although she was a happy little housewife to the three main wives, it was not her dream scenario. Her biggest gripe was being a basement wife. No one in the nuclear family ever wanted her to be thought of as such. When Kody Brown gave a tour of her polygamous home at the series premiere in 2010, she demonstrated how her three original wives had their own rooms.

Meri Brown and her daughter Mariah shared a corner of their home. His second wife, Janelle, and her six children had the second corner, while Christine and her six children had the downstairs. Much later it was discovered that this was actually considered a basement.

Kody had a bright idea to build a home for his now four wives when they bought the Coyote Pass land in Flagstaff. The spouses had lived alone for so long when they fled Utah for Nevada that a single home seemed so uncomfortable.

Christine Brown was particularly against it because it brought back memories of being a woman in the basement. She was beginning to like her freedom and Flagstaff was really making her pay for her freedom away from Kody Brown. Besides, she was heavily into business.

Even though she had acquired a real estate license in Vegas, she never did much with it. Now he was thriving in MLM work, like LulaRoe and eventually Plexus, seeing the real benefits of making his own money. It also allowed him to leave Cody after twenty-seven years when his marriage had failed.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Breaks Free

Christine has made it no secret that she lives her best life in Utah. It was the place she longed to be for a handful of years. It’s where her two older children and her grandson, Avalon, live. When she moved there, she bought a two-story house for $1.1 million. How does someone make that much money after leaving their spouse behind? She was still a key player on the show and is successful enough with her MLM that she would need an employee, as Kody pointed out.

Written by Emma Fisher

TV Writer.
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