Sister Wives Fans React To The Sweet Photo

Sister Wives Fans React To The Sweet Photo

Sister Wives fans got a glimpse of Meri Brown like they’ve never seen her before – oozing love – on Instagram recently. As we previously reported, the TLC star told fans she was going to spend some time with her grandbaby.

Although they skimped on the details, it seemed like Mariah and Audrey had plans and needed Meri Brown to keep an eye on Mosby for a week. The Sister Wives star was a very happy grandma who was excited to snuggle up with her furry grandson for a week.

On Lizzie’s Heritage Inn’s Instagram profile, a photo featuring Meri Brown and Mosby was recently shared. The photo showed Meri snuggling up next to her furry grandchild. Sister Wives fans immediately noticed that Meri was oozing love. She had this sweet, loving look on her face that TLC fans weren’t used to seeing on Meri.

Meri has never been shy about admitting her love for Mosby. She also considers him her grandson and herself as her grandmother.

Sister Wives Fans React To The Sweet Photo

Meri’s bed and breakfast doesn’t have as many followers on Instagram as her profile does. But, there were a few dozen fans who popped in the comments to react to the photo. Here are some of the things fans said about Meri and Mosby:

Sister Wives fans were thrilled to see such a sweet photo of Meri Brwon. They thought she looked happy and radiant. Fans also found the post extremely interesting because they understood the joys of having a puppy to love.

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