Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Is Living Her Life!

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Is Living Her Life!

Since Janelle Brown became a grandmother, her whole outlook on life has changed. Viewers have watched her soften into a whole new person and it has been extremely refreshing. Now she is showing her version of heaven. It involves a sweet treat and an adorable little girl.

From the moment Sister Wives started, Janelle Brown was known as a businesswoman. She claimed that she preferred to work rather than stay at home. As second wife and mother of six, she left domestic duties to third wife Christine. From about six in the morning until seven at night, Janelle was in the office. True, she liked it that way and appreciated not having to prepare dinner or worry about such tasks.

However, she liked being outdoors, doing yard work and being busy. Besides, working as hard as Janelle did would be of benefit because there were eighteen children in the family after all.

When they moved to Las Vegas, she gave up his full-time office job and acquired a real estate license. During their stay in Vegas, her eldest daughter Maddie married and adopted her first child. Axel was to become Brown’s first grandchild, which turned Janelle Brown into a muse. She was so grateful to be a grandmother and watch her daughter become a mother.

By the time they moved to Flagstaff, Maddie already had her second child and Janelle was now working for herself. She started a wellness business and became involved in MLM. She was no longer answering for so many mouths and was free to do what and when she wanted. She was officially the strong woman the viewers had always thought she was, and for that they respected her.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Is Living Her Life!

One person who has been a constant source of strength for Janelle is her granddaughter Evie K. She was there when the toddler underwent life-changing surgery just around her first birthday. While Kody didn’t want any of his wives to travel, it was a case where Janelle Brown just didn’t care.

She often stepped in during the pandemic for him and his protocols when it came to her children, which made her all the more of a fan favorite. When it comes to her grandchildren, Janelle is not to be messed with. She recently got to spend time with them and Christine’s family at Disney World.

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