Sister Wives: Kody Feels Betrayed

Sister Wives: Kody Feels Betrayed

Sister wives Kody Brown and Christine Brown announced in November 2021 that they had separated. Christine and Kody Brown were never legally married, so they did not have to legally separate. Christine says that a spiritual divorce would be expected of them through the church. Christine Brown did not want to go through the church because she believes their separation should be between them and God. Unions in polygamy are between God and the family.

There is only one legal wife and you don’t get marriage licenses for other marriages because that would be bigamy. Higdon says the only “divorce” can be whether a cohabitation contract or the putative spouse doctrine because spiritual wives have no legal standing. However, Christine Brown has her own business and therefore supports herself.

Sister Wives: Kody Feels Betrayed

As previously reported, Kody Brown refuses to give Christine Brown a separation ceremony because he feels betrayed by her. Ironically, Sister Wives Kody is the one who has not visited her in months because he travels. Kody feels that Christine should have listened to him and stayed home during the COVID pandemic.

Christine Brown then moved Kody Brown’s things out of her house after Kody Brown told her he no longer wanted an intimate marriage with her. Kody feels that Christine betrayed him by not allowing him to lead their family. Kody wants his wives to be obedient like Robyn Brown and that doesn’t work with Christine. Christine says her children are more important and she proves it every day.

Sister Wives Christine Brown admits that the last twelve years of her marriage have been filled with turbulence. Robyn was introduced to the family in 2010 and things have been bad for Kody and Christine ever since. The fact that Kody bragged about picking out Robyn’s wedding dress was almost a breaking point for Christine.

At that point, Christine Brown realized that the whole experience of looking at dresses with Robyn was a sham. Christine had felt like a basement wife when there were only the three wives and the addition of Robyn made her feel even worse.

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