Sister Wives: Madison Brown Brush Shows Off Her Adorable Baby Bump

Sister Wives: Madison Brown Brush Shows Off Her Adorable Baby Bump

Madison Brown Brush posted a video on her Instagram story informing about the health of her and her unborn baby. In her video, however, she explained that blood tests during pregnancy showed no limb differences. Doctors did a very thorough ultrasound scan. And so the odds of it happening again would be equal to winning the lottery, she said.

Therefore, the doctors are not “very worried” because they found nothing out of the ordinary, Monstersandcritics said. However, despite extensive tests, Madison Brown Brush assured her fans that so far, the baby is fine.

While it is unlikely that her third child will be born with FATCO syndrome, she mentioned that there are certain families where more than one child has been born with limb abnormalities. However, he assured his followers that the chances of such a condition occurring are very low.

Madison Brown Brush and her husband’s second daughter Evie was born with an unusual birth condition called FATCO syndrome. When Maddie was 28 weeks pregnant with Evie, doctors noticed something unusual on an ultrasound scan.

The Sister Wives star said she immediately sensed a problem because it took the doctor two hours to diagnose the problem after watching the ultrasound. And that’s when the doctor told her her baby would be born with FATCO syndrome because they couldn’t find all ten of her fingers. As a result, Evie was born with fused fingers, a twisted tibia and a fibula in one leg. She even had to survive the loss of a thumb and toe. At barely one year old, Evie had Boyd’s amputation to increase her mobility.

Sister Wives: Madison Brown Brush Shows Off Her Adorable Baby Bump

In 2016, Sister Wives star Maddie Brown married her life partner Caleb Brush. Well, the whole wedding was filmed on the show. But when she exchanged vows with her husband, her appearance on the show dwindled. However, her social media presence has kept her alive in fans’ feeds. Maddie always seems to keep her followers up to date on her daily activities.

Well, many Sister Wives fans are already aware that the star is currently expecting her third child. In August, Maddie shared a video on Instagram of her cute and big baby bump. The Sister Wives star kid captioned the post, stating that she is 33 weeks pregnant with her baby.

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