Sister Wives: Meri Brown Confronts Janelle Brown

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Confronts Janelle Brown

While the family hasn’t exactly been happy over the past few years, this time things have gotten worse. The very first trailer for Sister Wives Season 16 is out, and it looks a lot more serious than ever. It looks like the Brown family will be forced to make some tough decisions this time around.

However, this could also lead to someone leaving Kody Brown for good. Meanwhile, the years-long feud between Meri and Janelle Brown is reigniting. Here’s everything that’s about to happen in the upcoming episodes.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Confronts Janelle Brown

The latest trailer for Season 16 was pretty heavy. As the official synopsis mentioned earlier, more than one wife is rethinking their marriage to the popular polygamist. In fact, according to the looks, the family may soon lose a member.

However, in the midst of all this, two of the sister wives are rekindling their years-long feud. Well, Meri and Janelle have had a history of fighting, and it looks like the next one is going to be pretty serious. Well, TLC viewers already know that Meri and Kody Brown’s marriage isn’t working at all. They’ve been separated for years and seem to be forced together because of their TV show.

However, not only fans but also some of Meri Brown’s supporters have the same thought. The latest trailer shows the first wife confronting Kody’s second wife. Apparently, Janelle might have talked about Meri’s marriage and future with their common husband.

So, the first wife discusses the topic with her saying, “I’ve heard, like you, say things.” Meri then continues that the other wives are wondering if she will stay with Kody. While the trailer does not feature Janelle’s response, there are possibilities that this conversation will not go well.

On the other hand, Meri Brown then states that she has considered everything. As of now, it is unclear if she wants to be with family or not. However, she is back in Utah for several months this year. So, it’s hard to tell if she’s still with the polygamist or not. But in the new episode, there will be a confrontation between Meri and Janelle, and it is likely to turn into a fight.

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