Sister Wives: Meri Brown Gets Honest

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Gets Honest

In the wake of Sister Wives: Tell-All Part 2, Meri Brown decided to take to Instagram and be honest about her relationship with Kody. The TLC personality explains that she recently used the label “estranged” when describing her relationship with a friend. Although it’s difficult to use this label, Meri Brown says she recognized how honest and real the label was.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Gets Honest

Meri Brown refuses to talk about her family on social media. In fact, she mostly uses the huge following she has gained from the show to help her quest for money through her various business ventures.

Meri Brown has already told her online fans that she is entitled to have a private life despite being a reality star. And, because of this, she chooses not to talk about her family online most of the time. Fans often wonder how much of this is actually true and how much is just an easy way for Meri to avoid breaking any kind of contract or NDA she signed with TLC. After all, it’s easy to avoid breaking a contract if she simply says nothing.

Something stirred in Meri Brown, however, earlier this afternoon. And she decided to be honest about her relationship with Kody Brown. More specifically, she admitted to the fact that she and Kody had drifted apart.

As those who watched part 1 of Sister Wives: Tell All, Kody Brown made it clear that there is little hope for his relationship with Meri. Kody explains that because of his religious upbringing, he can’t divorce or leave Meri. It’s just something you don’t do. Meri, however, is free to leave him at any time.

Kody admitted during the interview that he never sees himself being intimate with Meri again because intimacy no longer feels safe with Meri. And this is not something he can get over.

Tragically, Meri Brown is clearly not ready to leave Kody despite the fact that he seems to hope she will. Meri admits that she still craves her husband’s affection and attention.

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