Sister Wives: Never Leaving

Sister Wives: Never Leaving

Viewers constantly wonder why Meri Brown stays with her Sister Wives family. She has very limited contact with her husband, Kody. She also has a very limited relationship with her other three sister wives. Put all this together and what kind of life does Meri Brown really have in the Brown family?

When tracing the lineage of Sister Wives, Meri Brown is the first wife you see. She and Kody were married in 1990 and were very much in love. Of course, they were very happy, but there was always talk of them bringing other wives into the family.

Janelle Brown was already a part of their lives since she was married to Meri’s brother. Once she was divorced, it was a natural fit, but the two women didn’t automatically get along. When Christine arrived, she broke the tension between the other wives but created a lot of jealousy.

Meri Brown was initially jealous of Janelle Brown. It was strange to have to share a husband like she did on Sister Wives: One on One. However, when Christine entered the picture, the jealousy increased and Meri can’t explain why. Fourth wife Robyn was sought out by Meri and encouraged Kody to ask her to dance. There was actually a very close bond between Meri and Robyn with Robyn offering to be a surrogate mother. Meri had struggled for years to have a second child, so this was an incredible offer.

The two also worked together in a business and Meri Brown selflessly divorced Kody so that Robyn could marry him. This allowed him to adopt Robyn’s children from her previous marriage. Unfortunately, there was a lot of damage in the marriage because Meri was in a very dark place. She turned to the internet for comfort, but it ended pretty badly.

Kody noticed that they hadn’t been getting along for a while and that was just the nail in the coffin. Now, they’re no more than friends who haven’t been close for a decade.

Sister Wives: Never Leaving

At this point, Meri Brown has made a commitment to this lifestyle and especially to this family. To begin with, she has been with Kody for over thirty years. Although she stated that if she took COVID, there would be no one there and she would be alone, that is not the case. Second wife, Janelle, said she hopes Meri will send her a message to let her know so she can take care of her. Also, Kody has promised to take care of her because a lot on Coyote Pass will be hers once they start construction.

Financially, Meri Brown is fine and happy with her businesses like LulaRoe and her inn, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. She has given birth to only one daughter, Mariah, but is extremely close to Robyn’s five children. They had a very emotional reunion after nine months of pandemic social distance. Finally, Meri was raised in polygamy. She had five mothers and over twenty siblings. This is what she is used to and although she seems desperate, she has faith.

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