Sister Wives: Robyn Fears For Kids

Sister Wives: Robyn Fears For Kids

Sister Wives season 16 just makes Kody Brown even more hated by TLC fans. Now that he seems to realize that Christine is returning to Utah against her will, he predicts she’ll regret it. That’s because, in her opinion, the state is dangerous for children.

Well, Robyn Brown obviously doesn’t want to live there. So her argument seems to support Robyn Brown’s desire to stay in Flagstaff, Arizona. In fact, fans suspect they originally moved there so Robyn Brown’s son Dayton could attend college.

Sister Wives: Robyn Fears For Kids

Based on the current season, it seems very clear that Kody Brown only has eyes for Robyn as a woman. While Janelle might have some use, Meri and Christine Brown could leave and he probably wouldn’t miss them at all.

While Robyn Brown claims she would follow Kody Brown anywhere, she seems to rule out Utah. Kody says it’s dangerous to raise children there. However, he meant that it is dangerous for children in polygamous families. Well, Christine Brown doesn’t have to worry about that anymore. So his argument fell a bit short in her case.

Sister Wives fans know that Kody will do anything to make Robyn happy. In fact, he’s now her legal husband. And fans think that soon, if Jenelle and Meri follow Christine Brown’s example, she’ll be his only wife. Oh, how fans long for that day! In the meantime, all his arguments against Utah have been thrown in the trash by the terminated Christine.

So he could have just held his breath. In fact, fans think he should have taken a little time to show he cares about his daughter Ysabel. Fans saw him telling her she should go to New Jersey herself for her back surgery. Maybe that’s why he now lives with Maddie Brown Brush in North Carolina.

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  1. Anyone who owns a TV or looks at gossip mags knows who they are and what they are. Look who’s making the excuse Y is for Wyoming

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